The Most Advanced Location Manager SDK


 LocationKit Location manager SDK




Introducing the first replacement for iPhone CLLocationManager and Android LocationManager


A drop-in replacement for Apple’s and Google’s LocationManagers.

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    Find/Replace – Developers can just find/replace CLLocationManager with LKLocationManager. It’s that simple.

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    Enhance – LKLocationManager inherits from CLLocationManager so it has all it’s characteristics but adds LocationKit specific advancements and enhancements.

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    Enhanced Location Features

    LocationKit contains all of the features currently used in the Apple CLLocationManager and the Google LocationManager but adds incredible new features such as:

    • Always on location manager • Timed interval updates
    • Enhanced location accuracy • People nearby
    • Low battery drain • Home/Work detection
    • Contextual location information • Enhanced geofences
    • Activity modes

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  • App Location Analytics

    Location Analytics

    For the first time, app developers can access detailed analytics on the location information collected by their applications. Through reporting they’ll learn the type of venues users frequent, and gain insights about users’ preferences and behaviors.

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