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May 12, 2015  |  SocialRadar

SocialRadar Launches LocationKit - the First Replacement for iOS and Android Location Services

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 12, 2015) — SocialRadar announced today the beta release of the LocationKit – an advanced location manager that provides app developers an improved replacement for the iPhone iOS and Google core location services. By using LocationKit, developers gain access to higher accuracy location, … Read More

Mar 11, 2015  |  Washington Business Journal

Michael Chasen is bullish on MOOCs (plus his 4 rules for building a business)

Massive open online courses, also known as MOOCs, made quite a splash when they first showed up a few years back, promising massively scaled, and thus massively cheaper, access to higher education.

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Feb 24, 2015  |  The Washington Post

9 Essential Apps Every New Yorker Needs

Oh, New York, you can be a tough place sometimes, you can be extremely cold (both figuratively and literally) and hard to navigate. …But now if you have a phone in your pocket and opposable thumbs on your hand, the city that never sleeps can get a whole lot more navigable and friendly. Here are the 9 best apps for living in New York.

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Jan 20, 2015  |  Inc.

Putting the 'Cult' In 'Company Culture'

It's not enough to just have a company culture. You must sell it as much as your product or service. In recent years, we've heard plenty about companies creating a culture intended to boost morale and productivity. But the creating of a company culture is nothing new. What is relatively new is the promoting of your company's culture. It's not enough to have one. You must sell it, too--sometimes, it feels, as much as your product or service.

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Jan 7, 2015  |  Inc.

From Starships to Entrepreneurship: What Comic Books Taught Me About Starting a Company

Comics themselves had a secret identity all along: they CAN be good for you. It may sound strange at first, but I wouldn't be so interested in technology if I hadn't been such an avid reader as a kid. And no, it wasn't only computer programming manuals. What I did read while growing up was superhero comic books. Unfortunately, at the time, some adults thought comics were a waste of time. Fortunately, my parents were not among them.

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Dec 13, 2014  |  Inc.

How to Stick With an Idea That’s Ahead of Its Time

Almost any idea can be a good idea if you see a way to shape it into one. "Every time you put a new idea into action you find ten people who thought of it first; but they only thought of it.” Who said this? The original source is unknown, but most entrepreneurs probably feel like they've said it at one point. Anyone who has ever pursued an idea that others didn't see the vision for--or even an idea that the idea-hatcher himself had private doubts about--knows what I'm talking about.

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Dec 2, 2014  |  BuzzFeed

17 Social Apps That Will Actually Make You Social

6. Social Radar Never miss a friend (and avoid the ones that could put a damper on your day) with Social Radar which will let you know who’s around when you attend events or enter a restaurant, bar, or club. The app accesses your social media contacts and alerts you who might be nearby, as well as giving you a helpful reminder of their details.

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Nov 25, 2014  |  Inc.

Putting Travel To Work For You

Same place + same time + down time before a flight = meetings with a guaranteed time limit. Who doesn't love that? Some years ago, I was in the Dallas airport. I'm surprised I remember which airport, and it doesn't matter anyway...because when traveling, what matters is not the where. It's the who.

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Nov 12, 2014  |  SocialRadar

SocialRadar Acquires Gridskippr

WASHINGTON, D.C. — SocialRadar, Inc., the company that provides real-time information and location technology, today announced the acquisition of Gridskippr, a firm that developed the most advanced location manager and mobile advertising technology for smartphone apps. The acquisition will allow SocialRadar to deliver a complete set of solutions around location-based … Read More

Nov 12, 2014  |  TechCrunch

Location Technology Startup SocialRadar Buys Gridskippr, Rolls Out SDK

SocialRadar, the location-based social app created by former Blackboard co-founder and CEO Michael Chasen and backed by $12.8 million, is announcing the acquisition of Baltimore-based Gridskippr, a targeted mobile advertising company founded last August.

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