Announcing SocialRadar, A New Way to Live Life Connected

By Michael Chasen  |  January 30, 2014

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In five years, there will be 5.6 billion people worldwide using smartphones, continuously broadcasting their location. At the same time, 3.9 billion people have social profiles online.

Yet these two essential components of our everyday life operate independently. We didn’t realize it, but this separation, has been depriving us of so many more ways to connect with people we know and people we want to know.

Until now.

Combining these two powerful elements of the digital age will fundamentally and positively change the way people meet and connect. And I’m thrilled to reveal that after months of development, we’ve created technology that does just that…

Introducing SocialRadar
Available for free on the App Store℠

SocialRadar is an unprecedented app that gives you real-time information about the people around you. It lets you know who is nearby, how you’re connected to them, and what they’ve been up to.

And with people living completely public lives, privacy has never been more important. SocialRadar connects you to the information you want all while giving you full control over your privacy. You can set it to share your info publicly or just with friends. You can be anonymous or even invisible. And you can adjust the settings easily depending on where you are and what would be helpful to you in that circumstance. You are in full control.

This is just the beginning…

We are just getting started on building a new definition of connectedness. We intend to prove that our long days and late, Red Bull-fueled nights will make life easier, more productive and more fun for you.

SocialRadar is built exclusively for iOS7 on the iPhone and will soon be available for Android and Google Glass. Now that we’re out in the open, please join us on this journey. Feel free to email me with any feedback, questions, or comments – I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.

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