Announcing SocialRadar’s first open source contribution, Batch Request

By Victor Quinn  |  November 8, 2013

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Here at SocialRadar we love the developer community. Our developers are active participants at conferences and meetups, active in irc channels, and frequent contributors to open source.

We’re under a lot of pressure to get things ready for the launch of our private beta so we haven’t been able to contribute back to the open source community as much as we would often like.

Today I was proud to put the finishing touches on our first open source Node.js package we’re calling Batch Request.

The library was born earlier this week when we came across a problem for which there wasn’t a great solution already available. We found a way to solve it generally enough that it should be useful to the community at large and we hope many other startups and companies will benefit from the fruits of our labor.

At a high level, this library allows a Node.js application to receive a single request which actually represents a bundle of different requests. We’re using it to optimize requests from our app to our API in order to minimize latency and maximize battery life. more info…

The project page is available at:

The code is available on GitHub:

And the package is live on npm:

This will be the first of SocialRadar’s many open source contributions – stay tuned!


Victor Quinn is VP of engineering and a software architect that specializes in creating amazing Android and iOS SDKs focused on geolocation apps, location accuracy, and reducing battery drain on mobile devices.


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