At Bitcamp hackathon, students give SocialRadar’s API a spin

By John Fontaine  |  April 9, 2014

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When we heard about the Bitcamp Hackathon at University of Maryland (April 4-6), we knew it was the perfect place for SocialRadar to test our API – which basically means exposing the data within our system to let other developers “piggyback” on our offerings.

University of Maryland (UMD) has a robust tradition in engineering, strong ties to DC and the university won Major League Hacking’s Fall 2013 trophy. As a bonus – one of the organizers, UMD junior Brent Bovenzi, joined SocialRadar as an intern and is now a developer with our team. We knew this event would be a good opportunity to meet other bright, social students like Brent.



The Bitcamp participants provided us with great feedback on the initial SocialRadar API capabilities and our roadmap for expanding the features available in the public API . We were very happy to see that even with our first draft, participants were able to create new tech – from a viewfinder approach to who’s nearby, to a site where job seekers can find recruiters in their town – from our API that created additional uses for SocialRadar data.

SocialRadar plans to release a public beta of our API later this year. In the meantime, take a minute to meet the winners of our Bitcamp API contest – the CareerConnect team:

Bitcamp Winners

Simon Milburn – UMD Class of 2016
Seean Kim – UMD Class of 2017 (author below)
Chijioke Okonkwo – UMD Class of 2016
Andy Baer – UMD Class of 2014

What interested you about the SocialRadar API?

We were really interested in doing something along the lines of real time social interaction through mobile devices, and the SocialRadar API had just the thing to proceed in that direction. It gave a lot of useful data in a conveniently obtainable form.

How would you describe CareerConnect in two-three sentences?

CareerConnect is a simple way to find recruiters near you. It would be a great additional option to get in touch with companies you are interested in.

What ideas did you bounce around before settling on CareerConnect?

At first during the competition we attempted to create a game based on who was nearby. This would have made great use of SocialRadar’s API, because it would allow gamers to find random people nearby who also have SocialRadar. They could make new friends in joining a random game – in addition to playing with just people they already know. This idea was fairly complex, so with the limited time we conjured up the idea of CareerConnect.

How did you form your Bitcamp team?

I attended Bitcamp with a friend and came across one of my floormates and his friend, and thus our team was formed. We were all pretty new to the whole hackathon thing, so we went in just hoping for the best, and it really worked out for us.

Congrats again to the CareerConnect team and thanks to the Bitcamp team for pulling together a great event!

Stay tuned for more on our plans to release a public beta of the SocialRadar API later this year.


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