How to choose Perfect Seat cover for your car

Complete Seat Cover Guide For 2020

Among those great on-the-road ironies is that while you’re sitting comfortably in your car seat, the seat itself is having to stand up to a tremendous quantity of abuse. Dirty clothes, wet swimsuits, spilled drinks, kids snacking in the backseat, slobbering pets, seat friction, and harsh sunlight all have the capacity to ruin and wear out your great-looking seats.
With the right set of car seat covers, you’ll be able to:

How to Choose a Perfect Seat Cover For your Car?

There are definite”high-traffic” areas on your automobile that seem predestined to receive a good deal of punishing use. Your carpets are constantly being trampled by dirty shoes, your steering wheel is being throttled nonstop by oily hands and your seats are always besieged by a steady onslaught of abuses. While the only surefire way to safeguard your seats is to stop driving your vehicle, that solution isn’t sensible. Dressing your seats with a pair of form-fitting, protective seat covers is just as good, and this solution will not force you into riding public transportation either.

Your car seats face a number of perils, including:

No one plans on fumbling a 40 ounce beverage right into their lap while barreling down the freeway, but it happens. As drinks keep getting larger and larger, the potential damage keeps growing and growing. Besides sticky sodas and scalding coffees, on-the-go foods are a car seat’s worst nightmare. That overstuffed burrito hanging out of your jaws is like a Sword of Damocles, looming disastrously over your upholstery and threatening a permanent stain with every succulent chomp. Not to mention soiled clothing, tracked-in mud and salty back sweat. Luckily, a snug set of seat covers will bear the brunt of any spillage and grime you can toss at it.

How to choose Perfect car Seat covers
How to choose Perfect car Seat covers

Whether you are driving home from an outing at the neighborhood pool, a kayaking trip or an endless summer’s day of surfing, the moisture in your clothing may lead to serious problems for your upholstery. Moisture is especially problematic for residents of the drizzly Pacific Northwest and other wet zones. Leather’s worst enemy is water. When it gets wet, it becomes tacky to the touch — a sign that the leather’s natural oils are being washed out. Cloth seating is also prone to damage from moisture. If water seeps into factory-installed fabrics, it can fester and grow into ugly, stinky, disgusting mold. Never fear; our seat covers come in a wide selection of materials with varying degrees of water resistance to guard your interior.

Kids and Pets
Nothing’s quite as adorable as the mesmerized look of a toddler who’s discovering the sweet, luscious delights of his or her first birthday cake. At the exact same time, that picture of a child’s tiny digits grabbing chunks of chocolate cake from the fist-full and smearing it over every square inch of the upper body should remind us that children are only as messy as they are cute. And, while you can easily mop away accidents in your kitchen, it becomes a massive hassle when it happens in your back seat. The same goes for your furry friend, four-legged co-pilot. Plus, their sharp little talons can rip, tear and gouge your upholstery, especially leather. On the other hand, the right set of seat covers will shield your seats from the messes that children and pets inevitably create.

While getting in and out of your vehicle can look like a harmless operation, it is, actually, putting a great deal of stress on your seats. Like sandpaper on a jagged block of wood, the texture of your clothing grates against the texture of the upholstery (leather and cloth alike). As time passes, the strength of the leather or fabric starts to wane, and it will eventually start becoming threadbare, torn and split. Obviously, this pitiful fate can easily be avoided with an excellent set of seat covers.

Just because every form of life on Earth is dependent on sunlight for its existence doesn’t mean that solar rays aren’t a mixed benefit. Too much sun exposure is not healthy for our skin, and it’s harmful to our upholstery. Leather is particularly susceptible to sun damage because UV radiation dries out the natural oils in the leather. Without these oils keeping things moist, the leather will eventually begin to crack. Cloth upholstery is also at risk. As you can not always park in the shade, it is possible to give yourself year-round protection with a snazzy set of seat covers.

Sometimes bad things happen to good upholstery. If the interior of your vehicle has suffered some cruel twist of fate (a leaky pen left lying in the backseat, or a torn seam that’s threatening to unravel completely), you have the ability to rejuvenate your vehicle’s seats without having to go through the hassle of a complete reupholster job. Rather than calling up your dealer and shelling out an arm and a leg for new seats, you can simply slide a new set of seat covers directly over the old ones. No muss, no fuss-just good looking seat covers that fit like a glove.

AutoAnything offers three different fitting seat covers, a custom fit, semi–custom fit and universal fit. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits you get with each style.

A Guide to Covering Your Damaged Seats

  • Custom Fit Seat Covers
    Just as an Armani suit is properly measured, cut and stitched to fit the unique shapes and contours of the wearer, so too is a custom fit seat cover meticulously designed for a precise fit over your seats. No part of your particular vehicle’s seat is forgotten or overlooked — maybe not the place of the head rest, nor the location of the seat’s ergonomic controls, nor even where your seatbelts are attached. Everything is taken under consideration, and these made-to-measure seat covers will fit like they had been factory-installed. Moreover, custom seat covers will not obstruct your seat’s side-impact airbags, so you’ll be just as secure as before, only with better looking and better protected upholstery.
Perfetc Car Seat cover
Perfect Car Seat cover
  • Semi-Custom Fit Seat Covers
    Even though a tailor-made suit fits your body to a T, off-the-rack clothing still looks and feels great, and you usually have enough left over for a matching shirt and tie. Our semi-custom fit seat covers are the economical alternative to the tailored suit. They are stitched together following patterns that will work with your vehicle’s seats as well as with similarly sized seats in other cars, trucks and SUVs. Except for the 3 Star Semi-Custom skin Seat Cover, our semi-custom fit seat covers do not leave access to lumbar controls, and they should not be used if you’ve got side-impact airbags on your vehicle. Nevertheless, they deliver fantastic protection against the whole gamut of seating hazards.


  • Universal Seat Covers
    Like the title implies, universal seat covers fit some high-back and low-back bucket seat, irrespective of your year, make or model. Rather than being used as long term coverings, our universal seat covers are a perfect companion in your automobile for when life gets a bit messy. They install in seconds, so that you can slip them on when you want them and keep them away in your trunk when you don’t. Like the semi-custom seat covers, the universal seat covers shouldn’t be used on seats with side-impact airbags.

Tips On Making Over Your Interior

Your car is more than only a means of transport –it is an extension of your identity, your personality and your character. You want your vehicle to mirror yourself, and the ideal set of seat covers is an excellent way to personalize your interior. And, with all the various colors, designs and materials at your disposal, you have an almost limitless array of ways to customize your car seats. Here are the basics:

  • Colors and Designs
    Auto manufacturers tend to design their interiors to please as many shoppers as possible. In order to create that wide appeal, they usually use neutral colors and almost never add any patterns into the mix. Now, you can break free from the mold by dressing your seats in your favorite color, or even one of those radical and eye-catching designs.

Aside from the standard tones that match most interior color schemes, AutoAnything has seat covers in almost every conceivable hue. From navy blue to neon pink, there is a rainbow of colors at your finger tips. If you prefer patterns over solid shades, you’re in luck. We have a number of different designs which range from camouflage to tropical flowers. Wet Okole alone has 34 distinct colors and designs to select from! And of course that our high-quality sheepskin seat covers come in 17 unique shades.

  • Materials

Whether you want the luxurious feel of 100% real sheepskin, or prefer the rugged durability of neoprene or canvas, seat covers come in a wide range of materials. Read on to learn all about the different fabric options you have for your seat covers.


  • Neoprene Seat Covers

The exact same extreme-duty material used in wetsuits is available for your vehicle. Made from synthetic rubber, neoprene provides the utmost protection from moisture. In reality, they’re as water proof as a scuba suit.

For easy installation and removal, the neoprene has an inner and outer layer of nylon. These layers cover the cushy 1/2″ mat of high quality CR neoprene. Not only do they provide the maximum protection against water and moisture, they also make a excellent barrier against dirt, friction, spills and UV damage. To top it off, CR neoprene is nonflammable, so a stray cigarette will not cause these seat covers to burst into flames. Best of all, the neoprene seat covers like our Wet Okole Seat Covers come in over 30 different colors and patterns, so you are guaranteed to find a seat cover that suits your tastes.

  • Poly-Cotton Seat Covers

For the soft texture of cotton with the protection of polyester, manufacturers blended the two fabrics together in a creation called, you guessed it, poly-cotton. This fabric is used in the majority of our seat covers because it delivers the best of both cotton and polyester in an affordable, attractive and easy-to-clean fabric.

The benefit of cotton seat covers is they mix tremendous strength with softness, so they feel great to the touch while providing a sturdy defense against wear and tear. What is more, the polyester adds an excellent barrier against moisture and harmful UV rays. The majority of the poly-cotton fabrics are treated with a water repellent coating, which provides an excess barrier against spilled drinks. The combination of these two fabrics makes poly-cotton enjoyable to sit on as well as sturdy enough to stand up to spills, pets, friction and UV damage. Additionally, poly-cotton seat covers are machine washable, so they clean easy and effortlessly. Have a look at our Covercraft SeatSavers Seat Covers for a fantastic instance of poly-cotton seat covers.

habitat for humanity cars for single moms

Habitat For Humanity Car Donation Review

For most families living in poverty, house ownership seems about as realistic and achievable as with a picnic on the moon with a talking donkey. A leading organization near and dear to many hearts, Habitat for Humanity car donation relies solely on volunteer labor to build, renovate, and fix, and the bulk of their funding comes from private and corporate grants for single moms to buy a car Program donations.

habitat for humanity cars for single moms or Homes donation program makes it effortless to give your old car to this noble cause. When many charities accept car donations, perhaps not all of them select the best intermediary organizations to work with, and consequently, they often see a shamefully low proportion of the profits from the sale of the vehicles donated to them.

habitat for humanity car donation is processed via Advanced Remarketing Services, a nationwide commercial fundraising company that accepts car donations through their free instrument, Car Donation Wizard to accept donations for habitat for humanity cars for single moms and countless other national and local charities.

Habitat For Humanity cars for single moms

In 2008, 23.6 percent of individuals with incomes below the poverty line changed homes, compared to 17.5% of people with incomes of 100 to 149 percent of the poverty line. Regular moves by families living in poverty tend to be unplanned, precipitated from the inability to cover bills and rent or the need to escape the bad quality or unsafe conditions of poverty housing. And while we all know that moving is significant pain in the throat, research indicates that our aching muscles are nothing compared to the effects of regular dwelling changes on school-age kids, that are placed at a social, developmental, and educational disadvantage consequently. Along with also the other realities of poverty — civic stress, dangerous neighborhoods, and bad nutrition, to name a few do not help much, either.

grants for single moms to buy a car
habitat for humanity cars for single moms

Families apply to the habitat for humanity cars for single moms program and are chosen based on factors such as their degree of need, their willingness to place hundreds of hours of labor to the construction or renovation of their home and other Habitat for Humanity homes in the community, and their capacity to pay off the loan, which is usually a no-profit mortgage loan or other innovative financing method which can help keep the monthly payments affordable.

Habitat for Humanity cars for single moms Program built its 800,000 th home in 2013, and in that year alone, they aided 100,000 families build, repair, or renovate their property. That is a lot of children who are able to put down roots and create relationships in their neighborhood and execute better school without having to worry that they might be in a new classroom the very next week.

Habitat for Humanity on Guidestar

Guidestar is a nonprofit organization that compiles information on each charity that’s filed with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. With a free account, you are able to search any nonprofit organization to get a free car for single mom and examine their financial data, such as their IRS Form 990, to help you ascertain their reputability and the way they handle their finances. These are important considerations when choosing a charity to donate your car to.

The most efficient charities spend 75 percent of the funds on conducting their programs, with the remaining 25 percent or less likely toward administrative costs and fundraising. Charities that spend 60 to 74 percent on programs are thought to be satisfactory. If a charity spends less than 60% of their annual revenue on programming, you should probably find another charity which will use your money to actively work toward their mission.

According to their Form 990, Habitat for Humanity spends a complete 85 percent of their earnings on habitat for humanity cars for single moms Program, renovating, and repairing houses. Just 4 percent goes toward administrative expenses, whereas 11 percent is spent on fundraising. This makes Habitat for Humanity a highly efficient organization, and you can be certain that your donation will be put to direct use construction homes.

Grants For Single Moms to Buy a Car

A charity can be highly efficient and still work with a money-grubbing fundraising firm that keeps the bulk of the profits of the sale of the habitat for humanity cars for single moms. Happily, This Isn’t the case with Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes.

grants for single moms to buy a car
habitat for humanity car donation review

Advanced Remarketing Services is a commercial fundraiser that procedures grants for single moms to buy a car Program on behalf of Habitat for Humanity and dozens of different charities through their very own car donation instrument, Car Donation Wizard. According to the Habitat for Humanity website, this business passes on at least 80% of the gross earnings from your vehicle donation to your regional Habitat affiliate.

People who pass 50 to 74 percent are somewhat reputable, while the ones who yield less than 50% are considered unsatisfactory at best and downright despicable at worst.

To complicate things, some intermediaries forward on a different proportion of profits to different charities, which may range from 20 percent to 100 percent, based upon the habitat for humanity cars for single moms.

A search of the 2012 Commercial Fundraising Report, the latest on file with the OAG, had two entries for Advanced Remarketing Services, which showed they sent along 83 percent of vehicle donation proceeds to Independent Charities of America and 86% to UNICEF. That’s a pretty good sign that this commercial fundraising organization is honest, reliable, and efficient.

Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Donation

Are you looking for a worthwhile, financially responsible habitat for humanity cars for single moms organization to donate your old car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or RV to? I highly urge Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes program, which can be handled by equally reputable and responsible Advanced Remarketing Services through their free auto donation instrument, Car Donation Wizard.

It is a win-win: You get rid of that old clunker for free cars for single mothers, and a family in poverty gets a new residence. That is 1 hell of a great tradeoff.

kia seltos review

Kia Seltos Interior, Design, Features Review 2020

It was not too many years ago when Kias were considered economical and basic transportation and not much more. It is amazing just how quickly that perception has completely changed. The all-new 2020 Kia Seltos subcompact crossover is yet another example of the West brand’s bold styling inside and out, higher value, and technology-packed strategy. What’s interesting about the Seltos is that it had been designed and engineered from the start to be a global version, meaning it’ll be almost identical regardless of where it’s marketed. Kia was eager to combine some conventional SUV capacities with a sporty and young design. Judging from the official pictures published by Kia, we’d say this has been accomplished.

The big question is, however, whether customers will react in kind. The crossover section, irrespective of vehicle size, is much more aggressive than ever, leaving little to no room for Kia to make errors.

Kia Seltos Exterior Design Review

What many consumers do not always understand is that crossovers and SUVs are not the same thing. The newest Kia Seltos, like its companion, the Hyundai Venue, is a crossover. Classified as a five-door subcompact, the Seltos features a long hood and very attractive LED headlights and taillights. Daytime running lights front and rear will also be present.

Kia seltos Exterior review
Kia seltos Exterior review

Notice the car’s sharp lines throughout, as opposed to a more rounded appearance. Again, the aim here was to produce a more rugged appearance and Kia has succeeded. To further fortify that, the Kia Seltos can be outfitted with 16-, 17-, or 18-inch premium wheels. Possibly a bit wider than normal, this newest incarnation of Kia’s signature styling continues to look great.

Kia Seltos Interior Review

Kia is known for going that extra mile regarding interior appointments. Not only is there lots of significance, but the attributes themselves are aimed specifically at an essential marketplace force: millennials. Owing to that, the two-row, five-seat Seltos includes a cabin that incorporates elegant shapes and innovative tech such as a sizable infotainment system featuring a 10.25-inch touchscreen. Some optional features generally found on more expensive vehicles is an 8.0-inch head-up screen and a superior eight-speaker Bose audio system.

Kia seltos interior review
Kia seltos interior review

There is also the discretionary Sound Mood Lighting system, which has become a popular feature for several Kia audio owners, for instance. What this system does is exude a gentle light from door panels. This also creates a 3D-patterned surface on those panels. The machine then synchronizes to the beat of their chosen music playing via the sound system. A total of eight customizable colors and six themes illuminate the cottage. Is this sort of gimmicky? Maybe, but the system does work well and helps to make a milder mood, something that is useful on extended road trips.

Kia Seltos Electricity, Safety, And Handling

There are a selection of engines offered for your Seltos, depending on the market. Although official information have yet to be declared, odds are the North American marketplace Seltos will include a typical 2.0-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder rated at 147 hp. An optional 1.6-liter T-GDI turbocharged four-cylinder with 175 hp will cost extra. Overseas markets, specifically Europe, are also set to have a 1.6-liter petrol engine option, with a total of 134 hp.

Like the engine alternatives, the Seltos will not have only one transmission. Instead, a total of three automatic transmission choices are intended, although not every marketplace is going to obtain all three. A seven-speed dual-clutch, six-speed automatic, and a CVT (continuously variable transmission) are planned. Expect the seltos to become front-wheel-drive only. Kia has yet to announce closing transmission and engine market choices. Drivers will also gain from a Drive Mode Select system with normal,”Eco,’ and’Sport’ settings.

A total of six airbags will be standard, together with a package of digital safety systems. Examples include Kia’s Vehicle Stability Management system that incorporates traction control and electronic stability control, Brake-force Assist and Hill-start Assist, and front and rear parking sensors into one.

Official pricing and specific trim level data has yet to be declared, but Seltos earnings are expected to get underway in South Korea by the end of this year. Other global markets will follow shortly afterward.

Because the Kia Seltos stocks a platform and several other mechanical pieces with the Hyundai Venue, we could estimate that the Seltos will take a starting price of around $17,000. This may top off in the mid-$20,000 range. Given the rising demand for crossovers of all sizes, the simple fact that Kia is jumping into the global subcompact segment should lead to alert for competitors. Kia is now an expert at identifying new trends and fast becoming a formidable player. Expect the 2020 Kia Seltos to keep that momentum.

Check Before Starting Your Car

10 things To Check Before Starting Your Car

Your travel is the most significant, however to make it even more convenient it’s important to perform some preliminary tests before starting your journey. Irrespective if it’s a drive to the office and back or on a long journey. Make sure that you check the subsequent 10 things before starting your car.

1. Nothing is obstructing your car

Make certain there are no stones close to the tyres or another car blocking your way. Your path ought to be free of barriers so that you can clear out driving safely. Remove the stones or the fallen leaves onto your windscreen before you get in the vehicle.

2. Check the tyres

Ensure that you keep a check to look out to get a flat tyre. Also regularly top up the air in your tyres to keep up the optimum pressure. Choose to do so fortnightly or if refuelling in the gas station. If the tyre is level, replace it with the spare and get the flat tyre repaired.

3. Check all fluid levels

You don’t need to check the fluid levels on a daily basis but do this once every 15 days or at least on a monthly basis. Top off the fluids whenever necessary.

4. Clean all the glass area

The front and the rear windscreen, ORVMs, rear view mirror all include of the glass area on your car. Ensure they are cleaned and the visibility is high at all times. Dust particles can settle through the night, that’s why it is better to wash the back view mirrors before beginning your trip.

5. Adjust the rear view mirrors

MG Hector Ride & Handling
Ride & Handling

Adjust the rear view mirrors for the optimum perspective. You ought to be able to observe the small portion of the back end of your car together with the lane next to it in your external rear view mirrors (ORVM). The cabin rear view mirror should look through the rear windscreen and should direct you as to what’s exactly behind you.

6. Adjust your chair

This may be more frequent, if you are not the only driver. Do not commence your trip unless you are comfortable in the driver’s seat. You should be able to reach up to the pedals without having to stretch your legs, while your hands should not lock when holding the steering wheel. You should also be able to reach to the other controllers of your car when in the driver’s seat.

7. Fasten your seatbelt

If your auto has a reminder to fasten your seatbelt, well and good; if not, you make a subconscious habit.

8. Assess All of the warning lights

If your motor is showing you some warning lights, please do not ignore it. Stick to it and also check out what the problem is. The check engine light will imply taking the car to the garage, or the oil warning light may mean, you are operating on older oil and it’s time for replacement. If the car is heating up too frequently, be sure to top off with coolant before beginning your trip.

9. Check the brakes

Before you set out on your travels, make certain that you look at the brakes and see if they possess the needed stopping energy. If you feel the brakes are not effective enough, first head to the service shop or get top off your brake fluid before you begin your journey elsewhere. Ignoring your brakes can result into a life threatening scenario.

10. Check the gears

Check out to see if all the gears are working nicely. Assess if the gears are stuck or jamming up. This could mean it requires servicing. Do not forget to put the gear back in neutral before starting the vehicle.

Follow the following steps to have a smooth drive however big or small the journey is. Keeping in mind these measures will also bring about regular upkeep of your vehicle. If you have any special checks of your own besides these.

Hyundai venue review

Hyundai Venue Diesel Review

Now, we’ve already pushed the Venue earlier and you can check out our first-drive review over here. As a commodity, the Venue is already proving to be hugely popular and raking in large sales numbers.Hyundai had a recipe for a handsome urban SUV that was the Creta and together with the Venue, they all needed to do would be scale it down. Being a boxy design means that it is not too showy, but when it comes to the Venue, the flash is in the information. Elements such as the dark chrome end for the grille, the low-set bumper-mounted headlamps and the rectangular DRLs stand out.

Hyundai Venue Positive Parts

The top-spec SX trim additionally gets 16-inch metals, proper roof railings and projector fog lamps. Our favorite design facet, nevertheless, are the LED tail lamps using something known as the lenticular lenses which look truly distinctive when they are lit.

Hyundai venue Positive Parts
Hyundai venue review

2. Effortless Performance

Powering the Venue is the same engine that also powers the i20 albeit in a different state of tune. But, how will it perform in a bigger SUV body? Now, although the Venue might be a bigger car, it still weighs nearly exactly like the i20 and as a result the 90bhp and 220Nm of torque available on tap are more than adequate to the Venue. While the performance is not volatile like the 1.0-litre GDi petrol unit, it is a tasteful, no-fuss unit which will always deliver decent fuel-efficiency and adequate performance.

3. Equipment, lots of it

At the time of its unveiling, the Venue was touted as the ultimate connected car, offering lots of technology and features and it does remain true to that label as it loaded to the gills with features. For starters, you get the superb eight-inch infotainment system, sunroof, air conditioner, wireless phone charger, cruise control, rear AC vents along with a motorist rearview monitor.

4. Refinement

Refinement is an important factor when it comes to making long journeys a tiring affair as well as the Venue scores fairly great here. Hyundai has done an superb job at the NVH. The motor itself is amazingly silent at idle and it’s the same as cruising at triple-digit speeds. Even at 120kmph, the rev-counter hovers round the 3000rpm mark, chugging along easily. This makes the Venue an ideal long-distance hauler.

5. Infotainment system

Among the highlights of the Venue’s insides is your infotainment system. The eight-inch screen with HD-display boasts of crisp colours and an excellent touch sensitivity. It gets all the connectivity attributes like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth. You also get a video playing style together with a host of other characteristics.

Hyundai Venue Negatives

All these years, we have seen Hyundai offering more of a comfort-oriented ride than a stiff and sporty one. Nevertheless, it’s not the same with the Venue. It handles little potholes and road undulations quietly at reduced speeds. The ride is flat enough for the most part however, the moment you go quicker, you do detect a few vertical movement and the back will bounce over large undulations rather than consuming them.

2. Perhaps not the most spacious five-seater

It may be compact but it’s still an SUV, therefore seats five passengers should be a cozy affair, right? Wrong. It’s here that the Venue suffers a little. Compared to its competitors, the Venue is tight on space when you’ve got three passengers seated in the back. It is cosier than one would expect in a compact SUV. Also, taller passengers may find their knees brushing against the front seats.

Hyundai has hit the spot with the Venue which can be observed with the huge number of reservations and waiting period to the Venue. Discussing especially about the diesel version, it provides everything you can ask for. It’s comfortable in the city and the highways, provides lots of kit, and is good to drive also. Barring the tiny chinks in its armour, the Venue petrol makes a very strong case for itself.

Hyundai Grand i10 nios

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios: First drive review

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios evaluation: Hyundai has significantly upgraded the Grand i10 to have the best seller in the section and it has not only added features and design but also altered the measurements of the car to provide more in-cabin space. We drive the car around Udaipur to discover more about it.

The Grand i10 Nios has been established only under six years following the launch of its predecessor that will continue to be sold in the Indian market, albeit only in the lower trims and largely to cater to the more price-conscious buyer. For those seeking to buy a modern car loaded with appearances, equipment, and features, the Nios would be the offering.

Grand i10 Nios Design Review

The Nios is longer and wider than the Grand i10 and the wheelbase is also more by 25mm and is currently equal to the Maruti-Suzuki Swift, the car that Hyundai would like to shoot head-on with the Nios. The bigger dimensions have helped Hyundai give the Nios i20 kind of styling – a broad stance and a lively side-profile using the big high-gloss black grille as well as the boomerang LED DRLs together with the projector headlamps incorporating a contemporary and premium appearance. Overall it’s a nice-looking modern hatch that seems poised with a stable and wide stance.

Hyundai Grand i10 nios design
Grand i10 nios Performance Review

The exteriors could be contemporary but the insides are futuristic, with all the IP extending to include the infotainment touchscreen, similar to in all the premium cars of today. Besides, with the added space as a result of the increase in dimension and a few clever interior designs, the Nios does look more spacious compared to the Grand i10 without undermining the 260-liter boot area, which is also slightly bigger than its predecessor. The rear seat squab has been kept horizontal and is bolstered just on the sides to make it much easier for three people to sit on.

Besides, Arkamys audio system provides four sound adventures and you can command the infotainment system by voice, from the touchscreen, by the buttons on the steering wheel and also through the iBlue sound remote in your smartphone! The instrument panel is also all-new with a large analog tachometer and a 5.3in screen which comes with an electronic speedometer and a multi-information display with a trip meter, average fuel consumption readout, distance to empty, average vehicle speed and other drive-related parameters like a gear shift indicator.

The equipment also has wireless charging for a smartphone, a USB port and a charger, rearview camera that can also be switched on to get a view of the rear, in addition to keyless entry with push-button start.

While petrol is already BS6 compliant, the diesel is BS6 ready. Both the motors include a choice of either a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed automated manual gearbox. The motors are carried forward in the Grand i10 and have the identical max power and peak torque figures as before using the petrol churning out 83bhp maximum power and 114Nm of peak torque while the petrol also has the sooner 75bhp of maximum power and 190Nm of torque. The only figures that seem to have shifted from before would be the fuel efficiency figures. The maintained and ARAI accredited fuel efficiency has gone up by 1.25kmpl but the most dramatic increase was on the automobile gas that previously has been the 4-speed torque convertor and is now a 5-speed AMT. Hence fuel efficiency for your automated gas car has gone up by over 3kmpl.

Grand i10 Engine Performance Review

We’ve been driving the petrol engine Nios using the 5-speed manual gearbox and now I must state that nothing has greatly changed so far as driveability goes. This petrol engine is one of the best in its class and is super smooth and very pliable and as per Hyundai, the ARAI certified mileage figures are also up, to 20.7kmpl for the manual and 20.5kmpl for the AMT.

Grand i10 nios Engine Performance
Hyundai Grand i10 nios Engine Performance

The steering feel has also enhanced and also the ride quality today is of a large car and also has a European feel to it, being on the firm side, which is great for higher speeds on bad roads, together with all the suspension not crashing on potholes and bad surfaces but riding and absorbing on them without losing poise. What makes it a much better handling car is this firmness in the ride as well as much-improved steering turning the Nios into a point and take car much like a sports car just the engine is not of the sporty level. The Nios now meets the crash test norms that will come into position later this season and is intended to give protection to the bottoms of a pedestrian too at a crash. This was a requirement of the new crash test norms which will apply to all cars, whether new or already on sale from next year.

While Hyundai has updated the automobile on most fronts, it has also for the first time given an alternative to the buyer of deciding upon the guarantee to suit his driving. If the car has been used a lot then it makes sense to opt for the three-year unlimited mileage choice but when the vehicle is not being pushed too much, then there is a four year and last-minute guarantee option to pick from also at no excess price. With four years that the mileage is limited to 50,000km and with five years into 40,000km. This is a superb alternative for people in smaller cities who do not clock too much mileage because the towns are modest and the cars get pushed just on special occasions. Overall the new guarantee policy is a good move.

When it’s the layout, in-cabin fuel or space efficiency, the gear or characteristics, and the possession experience as well – Hyundai has updated them all. All this, but comes at a price but to take on the leader in the segment, Hyundai has kept the price and VFM quotient of the car very appealing. The largest step is that the Nios is an excellent car to drive as well and Hyundai might be outfitting it with a turbo gas engine not overly much in the future.

Renault triber Review

Renault Triber First Drive Reviews

The 7-seater fad seemed to have finished before it started with most producers switching attention to SUVs several decades back. But the continued success of the Toyota Innova, Maruti-Suzuki Ertiga and the Mahindra Marazzo of late appeared to have got back the attention to MPVs. In reality, it was the Alliance that got into the action with what seemed like a master-stroke, a sub-4m 7-seater in the form of a Datsun. However, the Go+ didn’t take-off, and besides the 7-somewhat seats offered little else when it was first launched. We Indians do not like cars that don’t add to our standing.

Renault Triber Performance Reviews

Renault has taken a second plunge into this area after initially launch the not-so-successful Lodgy and finally, we have a brand new car from Renault. The differences, but far outnumber the similarities between both sub-4m cousins from the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The Tribe is developed on a completely revised CMF-A platform that underpins the Kwid in addition to the Redi-Go but has a wheelbase that is over 200mm longer than that of their small car from Renault.

Renault triber review
Renault triber review

It’s a fairly nice looking vehicle, with its design adding to its looks. Clever design and proportions using the longest wheelbase in the sub-4m section give it an appearance that belies its actual size. On first seems, nobody believes that it measures less than some of the additional sub-4m automobiles. The projector headlamps and the eagle beaked tail-lamps add to the appearances while providing the car a superior feel and better visibility while driving it. Its height as well as its long, stepped roof-line together with the roof-rails provide its existence on the road and it surely can not be dismissed as merely another little vehicle.

The insides seem functional and utilitarian but at the same time that the cabin is roomy and there are a lot of thoughtful features as well. The instrument panel is digital with a unique though somewhat neater tachometer, an electronic read-out for its speed, along with a multi-information display with all of the information on fuel efficiency along with various information on excursions and space to empty as well. The infotainment system is controlled via an 8in touchscreen using both Apple CarPlay & Android Auto and it doesn’t have navigation is not a loss as one can always hook up the phone.

There is a knob on both sides of the storage space and that’s to control the fan levels of these vents around the B-pillars for the 2nd row and additional vents on the roof to the next row with each of those vents also being able to control the airflow from the 2nd of this twin-air conditioning system that the Triber is outfitted with. Ingress and egress are made simple with wider openings to the rear doors and the 2nd row of seats is not just adjustable for recline but may be slid forward or backward too.

The best part though is the third row of seats that contains two single chairs, each of which can come in a bag of its own if a person selects and simply clipped on to fool the car into 7-seater. So the Triber may be utilized as a 5-seater with excellent comfort for the rear seat passengers and plenty of luggage space if necessary, then in a matter of seconds and with minimal exertion, turned into a six or even a seven-seater.

For convenience, there is a rearview camera and easy card access key, with further in-built utility as the car locks itself as one moves away in the vehicle and unlocks itself when one is in the near vicinity of the automobile. For people who do not desire this attribute can be de-activated too – that the power is in the hands of the consumer for a change. Luggage carrying capability like the people-carrying capability of this Triber is also quite flexible with 84 liters of space available in a 7-seater configuration, 320 liters available when it is turned into a 6-seater and 625 liters when it’s employed as a 5-seater. If one contrasts with other sub-4m cars, the Triber offers as much space with 6-people on board since the majority of the others do with 5 people on board. And it’s perhaps for the very first time that an entry-level 7-seater comes with 4-airbags and also meets all of the current and proposed security norms.

The Tribe comes with just 1 3-cylinder, 1-liter gasoline engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox but will include a 5-speed AMT in the long run.

It is decent as a town runabout, using low-end torque making pottering around the city quite simple but if a person needs to indulge in almost any spirited driving one has to work the gearbox. In any case, the engine also guts gruff in the next half of its rev range. The ride quality is exceptional, something the Triber shares with its larger stable-mate, the Duster and also the revised chassis also feels taut and stiff aiding in total driving dynamics.


The Triber is a remarkable vehicle and more so since it offers great versatility. Not that we are not used to seeing such flexibility, only that we’ve never seen it at this price level – that of a low sub-4m hatchback. When we examine it as a five-seater, it gives exceptional in-cabin space, as well as rear-seat comfort due to a reclining and sliding back seat. It may be utilized as a 7-seater and it has best-in-class luggage space, no matter what the configuration. The engine is great enough for pottering around town though it feels rough towards the top end and one needs to work the gearbox a lot to indulge in any lively driving.