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10 Essential Things To Carry In Your Car Everyday

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Most online guides will tell you exactly what to take in case of a road trip or if you are out in the wilderness. To be very frank, you may not need just about half of the things that are mentioned in that listing. The majority of the lists are compiled for the US and Europe living conditions or include the things needed in Indian context. Here’s a list of these important things which you should take in your vehicle in any way times.

Every Car Drivers Needs Things To Carry

1. First Aid Kit

Most cars come with their own first aid kit supplied by the manufacture which is fairly equipped, but it is almost always better to make your personal or make additions to the present one based on your medical conditions. Ideally a first aid kit consists of band aids; antiseptic creams, insect relief creams, cotton balls, hand sanitizer etc.. It’s best advised to keep a spare set of medicines from the glove box particularly for diabetics or blood pressure patients. Most of these medications have a lifetime validity of nearly two decades and can easily be convenient on a crisis. If you have children in your home travelling with you, then you should keep the emergency medications needed for the kids too.

2. Jumper Cables

A jumper cable will have the ability to get you out of the thickest dead battery scenarios. As a driver, you are certain to encounter this scenario either with yourself or with somebody else. Jumper cables occupy very less space in your boot but will be convenient in any given moment. Jumper cables are a solid investment especially in the long term.

3. Spare Tyre

If your spare tyre isn’t inflated, make it inflated; you never know when you may need you. Make sure that you have the jack and jack handle too. It is almost always better to get a four arm wheel spanner if somebody else also needs it. Usually manufacturers may provide a smaller spare tyre than the other tyres, but you can get it replaced with a full size spare wheel for the long run.

4. Tow Ropes

Break downs could be inconsistent, unless you’ve been ignoring the obvious signs (check engine light possibly ) and waiting for the tow truck to come and rescue you is a long and expensive wait. Tow ropes will assist you to hitch with someone else who will get you into the closest possible service station or a safe zone. You can also be helping someone who needs to be towed out of a tricky position. Tow ropes have high tensile strength and can easily tow a hatchback or full sized sedan. You can also use it if some of your part is broken and left hanging, like a bumper or a door or if you have to haul additional luggage or material to the roof of your car.

5. Duct Tape

Duct tapes are life savers especially with the insides of an auto. A torn seat; employ duct tape. A busted rear view mirror; fix it with duct tape. Duct tape has countless applications on a car.

6. Multipurpose Utility Set

The best tool for this is an army knife or a Swiss knife. Keep it in your glove box in any way times. It will come handy when in case of an injury and you need to cut the seat belt or to open a can.

7. Flashlight

Flash lights come in handy for mid night repairs or for reading the map. Additionally, it will assist you if you need to look at the under body of your car. Purchase a flash light which doubles up as a hammer too. Dual flashlights start from Rs. 800/in the Indian sector.

8. Fire Extinguisher

Together with the rising cases of passion in cars, a small fire extinguisher is a fantastic investment. Although it is mandatory in private and taxis cabs, there’s no damage to keep one in your vehicle. The fire extinguisher barely weighs over 400 gms, but will come in handy to douse modest fires that may start.

9. Extra Pair of Clothes

You will never know when you may need them, especially in the rains. You can always change in your car during a crisis. Always remember to put a set of clothing wrapped in certain trash bags in the boot of your vehicle. Your soiled garments can be kept in the garbage bags later. The garbage bags may also be used as floor mats during monsoons to avert a soaked floor.

10. Spare Change

Store them in a few corners of your car and forget about it. Also keep some in your glove box. They will surely come in handy at toll booths or parking spaces. Even in the event that you’ve forgotten your wallet back home, you could always recover some money from your vehicle to get you through the day.

Most of these tools are very light and easy to carry and will readily adapt in spite of the size of your boot. The majority of the tools are a onetime purchase and you can easily forget about it till you’ve got the need to utilize it. If it might not arrive in help for you, it certainly will to someone else. Do not forget to pack these essentials in your car instantly.

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