How It Works

LocationKit allows developers to:

  1. Extend the Apple CLLocation Manager and Google Location Manager to run all the time in the background at a low battery drain with enhanced features
  2. Which lets developers implement our advanced tracking algorithm that uses GPS, WiFi, Altimeter, Compass and the Gyroscop
  3. And review and analyze all of that data on our location analytics dashboard

Enhanced Features

  • User Signal

    Always On LocationManager

    • CLLocationManager only allows you to use Significant Distance or Best Location capabilities in background and most other features are disabled while in background mode.
    • LocationKit’s LKLocationManager allows you to use ALL location manager features and functions including allocation settings in the background
  • Accuracy Icon

    Enhanced Location Accuracy

    • Typical GPS location accuracy can range from 10 to 1000 meters. LocationKit can apply a proprietary algorithm to correct device position data using all of the phone sensors and combining that with the relevant GPS dataset.
  • Reduce Mobile Battery Drain with LocationKit

    Lower Battery Drain

    • To get consistent location updates in the background CLLocationManager requires best accuracy meaning it will drain your users’ batteries very quickly
    • LKLocationManager will automatically throttle the GPS and set intervals between updates to minimize battery drain
  • Local Icon

    Contextual Location Data

    • LocationKit provides APIs to automatically get relevant data such as the venue your user is in, the address they are at, or other pieces of information so you don’t have to query an external service
  • Support Icon

    Timed Interval Updates

    • CLLocationManager does not allow you to specify a set time interval for updates
    • LocationKit’s LKLocationManager allows you to specify an arbitrary time interval for updates and it continues running in the background
  • User Icon

    Activity Modes

    • Tell whether your user is walking, driving, etc. and take action based on that activity. LocationKit uses raw data from sensors like the GPS and accelerometer to provide a similar API without prompting for user permissions
  • app-connected

    People Nearby

    • See other users of your app that are nearby
  • Address

    Home/Work Detection

    • By analyzing your users’ visit histories, LocationKit is able to ascertain their home and work address and provide it via a simple API
  • HQ Icon

    Enhanced Geofences

    • Apple geofences require you to manage latitude and longitude points and radii for these geofences so it’s up to the developer to fetch and manage those geofences
    • LKLocationManager will automatically manage the geofences for you so you only have to provide a category or venue name and it will automatically work
    • CLLocationManager limits the number of geofences to 20. LKLocationManager allows you to have an unlimited number of geofences

Location Analytics Dashboard

Get complete user location analytics in a simple dashboard.

See where your users live, work, shop, travel and use your app. Then leverage that data to improve customer acquisition, app engagement and user retention.

Get critical location information on your user base like:

  • – Where your users are when they engage with your app
  • – The types of business and venues they visit
  • – Events your users are attending
  • – What cities and states users live in and travel to
  • – What demographic segments are visiting different locations