Everyone connected. It’s more than a future vision, it’s a reality.

By Michael Chasen  |  June 14, 2013

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SocialRadar was founded on a singular vision: everyone connected.

Today over 1.1 billion people have smartphone devices that can broadcast their locations, and over 2.8 billion people have social profiles online.  In the future, technology will inevitably combine the smartphone’s location with the power of social networks enabling users to walk into a room and already be aware of the people and connections around them.

We are building that technology today for the iPhone, Android and Google Glass.

We believe that you are connected to the people around you in more ways than you may first realize.  SocialRadar opens your eyes to the world around you. It puts you in-the-know, allowing you to connect with friends and discover new people.  SocialRadar empowers you to see the connections that used to be hidden right in front of you – not only who you know but who you want to know.

SocialRadar begins by combining location and profile data from all the major social networks (Facebook, FourSquare, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+) as well as our own proprietary network.

Then we give you the ability to discover people nearby based on individual characteristics and interests. You can personalize your settings to only search for people that you are connected to or are of interest to you.  There’s also an alert feature that notifies you when someone you are interested in is within a pre-set range – even when you are not using the app.

Finally, we promise a high degree of security and privacy. You can easily share your information publicly, broadcast your information anonymously, or be invisible.

I firmly believe SocialRadar is going to fundamentally change the way we meet and connect. I’m excited for all the possibilities that lie ahead and I hope you are too.

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