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By Kevin Alansky  |  August 12, 2014

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Hey Socialites!

Imagine being able to fully customize your experience and your phone battery lasting much longer. Now it’s possible! Time to update your app!

What’s New?

Faces!: Our goal is to make connecting with people that much easier so we brought people one step closer to you! Now on the main screen we are showing you the 3 closest people to you in each category. You get a quick glimpse of your surroundings.

Custom Dashboard: You pick what connections go on your home screen. Amp up your professional networking by adding your favorite companies. Get psyched about sports by adding your favorite teams. Keep up with fellow alumni by adding your schools. Just click “+ Add Connections” and add anything you like.


New Alerts: And since you are adding meaningful connections, you should be alerted when they are nearby. Just swipe left on your dashboard and click edit to customize your notifications.


Battery Life: We have been working tirelessly to get you the best battery performance, after all, if your battery dies, you can’t use our sweet app. We are proud to say that our app is now waaaay more efficient so you can stay connected as long as you need to.

What's New

Bonus: You can prioritize your connections by rearrange your dashboard. Just hold down any category and moving it up or down the screen. That simple.

Pretty cool right? Now go on, update or install SocialRadar and keep being awesome.

Update Your App Here

And we’re just getting started. Thank you for being a part of the early SocialRadar community. Tell your friends to get on board too.



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