How 7 of DC’s Tech Leaders Manage Their Valuable Time

By Kevin Alansky  |  January 14, 2015

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Need help juggling home, work, and social life? SocialRadar asked some leaders in DC Tech to share how they manage their valuable time:

“There is time for everything, as long as your priorities always rise to the top. I try and make the first business communication I have each day externally focused with our customers. Even if it is just a quick hello, not asking for anything. Controlling your calendar helps. Every Sunday I review my calendar for the week, shedding unnecessary meetings to ensure time for top priorities.”
Tammy Mank Wincup / @tmwincup / Chief Operating Officer, EverFi, Inc

“One practice that I’ve picked up from Alex Kinnier, our SVP of Product at Opower, is the concept of OKRs.  OKRs, or Objectives and Key Results, is a practice that Alex brought from Google to Opower. There are a bunch of great presentations online regarding OKRs, but at the core it’s all about alignment and focus. At Opower the approach allows my team to make sure we’re spending the majority of our time on the things that really move the needle for our business… it also helps to make sure that the Marketing and Sales teams are aligned, no easy task for some B-to-B companies!”
Kevin Hamilton / @kevinj_hamilton / Vice President, Marketing, Opower

“I love bundling related tasks together in a day. It makes me more focused on what I’m doing and productive in at the end of the week. I’ll aim to set aside 1-2 days just for calls and meetings and have the remaining days to focus on key aspects of the startup or other initiatives I’m working on. One day might be focused on front-end development, one day might be designing icons and buttons, the next on thinking about product market fit and traction.”
Stephanie Nguyen / @nguyenist / Co-Founder, Landmark

“I believe to-do lists are where good intentions go to die. So whenever I have an idea about something I want to accomplish, I calendar it. This forces me to consider the priority of the idea balanced by much time it will take to do. It’s a simple concept that’s actually quite difficult to put into practice but the impact is tremendous.”
Steve Goldenberg / @stevegoldenberg / CEO & Founder, Interfolio

“I try to divide my time into two categories: doing stuff and thinking about doing stuff. The balance between execution and strategy is not always easy in a fast-paced environment, and it takes a lot of effort. The right mix is key. For execution: I rely mostly on Gmail Priority Inbox and Google Calendar (tasks are my favorite…super simple). For strategy: education/tech blogs every morning, frequent whiteboard sessions with coworkers, and setting time aside to reflect each week.”
Chris Silberman / @clsilberman / Director of Business Development, Flat World

“My strategy for time management is always changing (which is probably a bad thing), but one strategy that’s been working lately is an end-of-day to-do list. I make it before going to bed and tackle it first thing in the morning. I take care of the least-appealing stuff first and work my way down. I also spend several hours of the evening completely disconnected from my phone and computer so I can focus on my family and myself.”
Tania Anderson / @tharbourt / Senior writer, Bisnow Media

“Being the Director of Community and Marketing at Modev while building a non-profit (Digital District) in my spare time is not an easy task or for the lazy. In the past year I built Digital District out between lunch meetings, over long nights and weekends, and occasionally with my co-founder at 50 cent taco night. In the past I would write everything down, but found that to be ineffective in the long-term. I’ve since begun using Asana, which allows me to set deadlines for myself, get a clear picture for each week and each day, and plan for interruptions that are bound to occur. It’s also important to start each day by reviewing what you need to accomplish the night before. It removes worry and helps you sleep easy.”
Elliot Volkman / @thejournalizer / Director of Content and Community, Modev


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