Location Kit Car First Drive Hyundai Venue Diesel Review

Hyundai Venue Diesel Review

Hyundai venue review

Now, we’ve already pushed the Venue earlier and you can check out our first-drive review over here. As a commodity, the Venue is already proving to be hugely popular and raking in large sales numbers.Hyundai had a recipe for a handsome urban SUV that was the Creta and together with the Venue, they all needed to do would be scale it down. Being a boxy design means that it is not too showy, but when it comes to the Venue, the flash is in the information. Elements such as the dark chrome end for the grille, the low-set bumper-mounted headlamps and the rectangular DRLs stand out.

Hyundai Venue Positive Parts

The top-spec SX trim additionally gets 16-inch metals, proper roof railings and projector fog lamps. Our favorite design facet, nevertheless, are the LED tail lamps using something known as the lenticular lenses which look truly distinctive when they are lit.

Hyundai venue Positive Parts

Hyundai venue review

2. Effortless Performance

Powering the Venue is the same engine that also powers the i20 albeit in a different state of tune. But, how will it perform in a bigger SUV body? Now, although the Venue might be a bigger car, it still weighs nearly exactly like the i20 and as a result the 90bhp and 220Nm of torque available on tap are more than adequate to the Venue. While the performance is not volatile like the 1.0-litre GDi petrol unit, it is a tasteful, no-fuss unit which will always deliver decent fuel-efficiency and adequate performance.

3. Equipment, lots of it

At the time of its unveiling, the Venue was touted as the ultimate connected car, offering lots of technology and features and it does remain true to that label as it loaded to the gills with features. For starters, you get the superb eight-inch infotainment system, sunroof, air conditioner, wireless phone charger, cruise control, rear AC vents along with a motorist rearview monitor.

4. Refinement

Refinement is an important factor when it comes to making long journeys a tiring affair as well as the Venue scores fairly great here. Hyundai has done an superb job at the NVH. The motor itself is amazingly silent at idle and it’s the same as cruising at triple-digit speeds. Even at 120kmph, the rev-counter hovers round the 3000rpm mark, chugging along easily. This makes the Venue an ideal long-distance hauler.

5. Infotainment system

Among the highlights of the Venue’s insides is your infotainment system. The eight-inch screen with HD-display boasts of crisp colours and an excellent touch sensitivity. It gets all the connectivity attributes like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth. You also get a video playing style together with a host of other characteristics.

Hyundai Venue Negatives

All these years, we have seen Hyundai offering more of a comfort-oriented ride than a stiff and sporty one. Nevertheless, it’s not the same with the Venue. It handles little potholes and road undulations quietly at reduced speeds. The ride is flat enough for the most part however, the moment you go quicker, you do detect a few vertical movement and the back will bounce over large undulations rather than consuming them.

2. Perhaps not the most spacious five-seater

It may be compact but it’s still an SUV, therefore seats five passengers should be a cozy affair, right? Wrong. It’s here that the Venue suffers a little. Compared to its competitors, the Venue is tight on space when you’ve got three passengers seated in the back. It is cosier than one would expect in a compact SUV. Also, taller passengers may find their knees brushing against the front seats.

Hyundai has hit the spot with the Venue which can be observed with the huge number of reservations and waiting period to the Venue. Discussing especially about the diesel version, it provides everything you can ask for. It’s comfortable in the city and the highways, provides lots of kit, and is good to drive also. Barring the tiny chinks in its armour, the Venue petrol makes a very strong case for itself.

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