Introducing LocationKit – the First Replacement for iOS and Android Location Services. Reduced Battery Drain, Higher Location Accuracy, Venue Recognition

By Michael Chasen  |  May 12, 2015

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LKCroppedWhile SocialRadar developed the app that lets you know who is around no matter where you are and how you are connected, we realized that location technology is important not just for apps like ours but to the entire app market. Location stands apart in providing a more personalized user experience.

So important that it became our priority to develop a technology for app developers that offers the holy grail of mobile: high location accuracy and low battery drain without the need for location expertise.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the fruit of our labor – LocationKit.

LocationKit is an advanced location manager that provides app developers an improved replacement for the iPhone iOS and Google core location services. By using LocationKit, developers gain access to higher accuracy location, lower battery drain, automatic venue recognition, and detailed reporting and location analytics. LocationKit is offered as a free SDK to developers looking to add enhanced location capabilities to their mobile applications.

The combination of accurate location and robust local data provides app developers the context they need to create more personalized in-app experiences. The SocialRadar LocationKit (beta) offers the following:

  • Higher Accuracy Location – Typical location accuracy can only be narrowed as low as 10 meters or even 100 meters. LocationKit uses several methods to improve upon the standard latitude and longitude data resulting in location results that can be accurate up to 2 meters. LocationKit does this by applying a proprietary algorithm to correct device position data.
  • Lower Battery Drain – Till now, running the GPS constantly drains device battery at a rate of 8%-14% per hour. Developers using LocationKit can receive highly accurate location for their users consistently at less then 1% battery drain per hour.
  • Automatic Venue Recognition – LocationKit combines the most accurate geo-encoded places database in the US with leading event databases and contains over 130 million addresses. Relevant place information can be provided passively, as a person enters a place, or is available on-demand.
  • Reporting & Location Analytics – For the first time, app developers will be able to access detailed analytics of the location information collected by their applications. Through reporting they’ll learn the type of venues users frequent and gain insights about users’ preferences.

You have always been able to replace built-in apps such as the calendar app or contacts app with 3rd party mobile apps. We have developed the first replacement for the Apple iOS and Google core location services. Developers can use our toolset instead of the built-in location manager service to access an array of groundbreaking location features and reporting for their mobile applications.Sign up for free for the SocialRadar LocationKit SDK at

Want more information about our launch? Check out the press release. And stay tuned for insights in the coming weeks from our team about this new technology and how it’s changing the game for app developers.


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