Location-Based News – Oct. 2 Round-Up

By Austin Cappa  |  October 2, 2015

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Location-based tools could boost timely medical responses (Tech Target)

New York based non profit, Trek Medics International, partners with the American Red Cross to utilize location-based tools to activate bystanders or locate a health care professional near someone who is experience a medical emergency.

Thinknear Announces Launch of ThinkPolitical(TM) Toolkit (CNN Money)

Location technology service, Thinknear, launches new mobile advertising solution designed to enable political marketers to effectively engage with voters based on their location.

Athletes use GPS and wearable technology to improve performance (The Globe and Mail)

Toronto based engineers are developing light weight beacon technology to track athletes speed, acceleration, and change of direction. The data collected will seek to improve performance and recommend conditioning strategies that reduce injury.

Mobile Wallets, GPS & Beacons: How To Dominate The “Next Moment” Of Local Search (Search Engine Land)

“Mobile search is focused on capturing users in the moment they’re searching for you, but what about after that? Columnist Adam Dorfam discusses how location-based technology can keep consumers engaged with your brand.”

Locata wants to solve indoor location problems by replacing GPS with TimeLoc (FierceWirelessTech)

Australian company, Locata, wants to solve the problems encountered when trying to locate people indoors. Their ground-based radio-location technology gives precise positioning in many environments where GPS is either marginal or unavailable for modern applications.

Are Marketers Finally Getting the Hang of Location-Based Mobile Ads? (AdWeek)

Digital advertising company, Essence, discusses innovations in location-based digital ad targeting. For example, to use of polygons-mapped plots over latitude-longitude to receive higher  accurate results and new techniques to target populations over individuals.


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