Location-Based News Round-up: 9/4/15

By Austin Cappa  |  September 4, 2015

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Estimote Creates An Indoor Location System Using Beacons And “Nearables” (TechCrunch)

Estimote releases location aware stickers called “Nearables” to enhance location tracking of objects as it further combines the digital and physical world.

Area360 raises $3.5M for mobile location tech platform, relocates HQ from New Zealand to Seattle (GeekWire)

New Zealand based company relocates to Seattle following their Series A funding round. Area360 develops mobile location tech for airports, museums, etc. to improve visitor experience.

How Local Marketers Can Harness the Internet of Things (StreetFight)

As the Internet of Things expands local marketers are in a great position to capitalize. It is estimated that connecting location with everyday objects is currently a $655.8 billion industry and expected to grow to $1.7 Trillion by 2020.

More than Half of In-Store Shoppers Interested in Location-Based Services (MarketWatch)

A recent study found that shoppers are interested in location-based in-store services including mobile coupons (51%), shopping maps (45%), and associated assistance (41%).

Want to crack mobile marketing? Get users to turn on location services first (VentureBeat)

Skyhook’s VP of Marketing, Schneider Mike, discusses the importance of getting users turned on to location services from the beginning.


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