My AHA! Moment with SocialRadar’s Social Geolocation App

By Kevin Alansky  |  February 5, 2014

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This morning, I had my first moment of SocialRadar serendipity. One of our office contractors from Wingate Hughes, Amy, was using SocialRadar while working onsite. She browsed my profile and asked how I know the accomplished musician  I explained that my wife Rachel was her camp counselor long ago. Amy said she was her best friend from childhood.  What’s more, we discovered that we lived in the same town (at different points in time).

This not only led to a lively conversation but also gave further confirmation that the SocialRadar geolocation app will expand our networks—and our knowledge about the people in our networks—easily and exponentially. The app will illuminate common ground among business contacts, which is as valuable as ever; no matter how technologically advanced we get, nothing beats the human connection.

Discovering this common bond, I am now more likely to think of Amy for referrals and other opportunities, and I would imagine we both feel even greater commitment to good customer service toward each other.

Amy, Rachel, and I already made a plan to catch Toby in concert the next time she’s in town, and hopefully meet up with her afterward, too. Then while the women reminisce, I can check SocialRadar to see who else could join in on the conversation…

In the comments and on Twitter (tweeting to please tell us your first moment of SocialRadar serendipity.  We will randomly draw one a day for two weeks and send a thank you, SocialRadar style – Free t-shirts!



KEVIN ALANSKY  writes about mobile apps, digital media, and geolocation based technologies, like the LocationKit SDK, and alternative to the iOS Core Location Manager and Android Location Manager


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