Top 10 Car Care Tips

Top 10 Car Care Tips

We have all heard these stories, cars and trucks lasting 200,000, 300,000, even 500,000 miles. What is the key? Three words: maintenance, maintenance, upkeep. “Nobody reads the owner’s manual. Pretty far to make it run that way it’s fluids, timing belts, upkeep by the publication,” explained Jim Moritz, global technical coach for an international automotive tool and equipment manufacturing firm.

These vehicle owners adhere to each word advocated by the automaker, for them it is a faith. Oftentimes, they are changing engine oil, transmission and brake fluids more frequently than required. They read that manual from cover to cover.

“I know guys who are getting 300,000 miles out of a F-Series pickup and 400,000 miles out of a Hyundai Sonata,” he said. “There is no such thing as too much maintenance, you are not going to damage it.”

Best Car Maintenance Tips

Listed below are 10 maintenance ideas to create the engine, transmission and other expensive parts of your vehicle last longer. Most importantly, read the owner’s guide to prevent thousands of dollars in repairs.

Check the Oil Level: The easiest task to increase the life span of your automobile is to maintain the proper quantity of oil in the engine. Oil lubricates the motor parts. Secondly, oil is a fluid which disperses heat. Some of the oil is burned off from the motor so that it needs to be replenished when the level drops. Make certain it is the appropriate weight oil to your engine. “An engine runs hotter with less oil in it. The hotter it runs the more strain, stress that’s put on the motor parts. You could blow off the motor eventually, meaning it will need to be reconstructed or replaced, it’s extremely expensive. It will not blow up when the motor is a bit of oil down, but when they start getting a few quarts down it is possible to encounter some interesting issues,” Moritz said.

Fight sludge: There is a significant drawback to short trips, stop-and-go traffic, as well as long trips when there’s a hefty load on the motor, by way of instance, pulling a trailer. The enemy: Sludge. Sludge is a petroleum jelly that’s a gooey, black-colored substance that builds up in an engine. It’s a significant contributor to engine issues. Changing the engine oil at prescribed intervals or more frequently will lessen the probability of sludge buildup and extend the life of the motor. Specific driving conditions can cause sludge. It can come from oil solidifying on a long excursion at engine temperatures normally over 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Other culprits are brief excursions that prevent the engine from attaining its proper operating temperature and water in the oil caused by condensation. “It accumulates anywhere in search. However, if the engine warms up, the oil blends with all the goo and can be pumped throughout the entire engine,” Moritz said. “Sludge doesn’t burn ” To refrain from sludge, follow the owner’s guide for oil and filter changes or change to synthetic oil, which is not petroleum based. Many fleets utilize synthetic oil.

Timing belt replacement: Your car’s engine has either a rubber composite timing belt or timing chain. The device connects the crankshaft to the camshaft, which can be synchronized with the opening and closing of the engine’s valves. If your car has a timing belt, follow the operator’s manual to determine if the belt should be replaced. “Rubber straps split and when they do that is the conclusion of the engine, it’s catastrophic, you’re finished,” Moritz said. The cost to replace the timing belt is not cheap but it is thousands less than just rebuilding the motor.

Check power steering fluid: Mature vehicles and a few new models possess a hydraulic power steering pump that is lubricated by power steering fluid. The pump reservoir has a screw-type cap which lifts off, so the fluid level can be checked. If the pump runs dry, it may fail and take a replacement costing hundreds of dollars. A few symptoms of a power steering problem are squealing noises when turning the steering wheel or heavy or stiff steering. Newer vehicles have electric power steering; there are not any fluids. Frequent stop-and-go driving or pulling a trailer accelerates deterioration. Under those circumstances the transmission’s operating temperature climbs, placing a strain on the transmission’s elements along with the fluid. Automakers urge more regular fluid replacement under those conditions. Check the owner’s manual for specifics. Signs of transmission problems: If the fluid turns dark or has a burnt odor this could be a signal that the it needs to be altered or that the transmission is growing mechanical issues. Check the fluid level when the engine is running. To avoid transmission failure just use the fluid advocated by the automaker. “I know a guy who mixed fluid onto a Honda.

Radiator coolant flushing: Coolant has rust inhibitors that break down over time. Rust and corrosion can build up and harm an engine, plug a thermostat and harm a water pump. Some automakers urge a coolant change every 30,000 miles, some suggest over 100,000 miles. Again, check the operator’s manual.

Top off brake fluid: as you are under the hood checking fluids, it is a good time to inspect that the brake fluid level. Place the vehicle on a flat surface, then unscrew the reservoir cap. The brake fluid level should be between the minimum and maximum marks in the fluid reservoir. Utilize the automaker’s recommended fluid and add to the proper level. Replacing the brake fluid will not increase the wellbeing of this brake system but it might save your life. Brake fluid absorbs water over time which degrades its effectiveness in providing stopping power. “A brake system isn’t perfectly sealed as you might think so it is possible to get condensation from the change of chilly temperatures to hot,” Moritz said. If you have too much water from the brake fluid, stepping on the brakes hard creates heat which in turn can boil the water at the line and as a result, increase the vehicle’s stopping distance.

Transfer case maintenance: This really is a very costly fix when things fail. The fluid within the transfer case on all-wheel and four-wheel-drive vehicles needs to be replace at prescribed periods.
Rotate your tires: Tires are costly, so you want them to last. The owner’s manual will say when the tires should be rotated and alignment checked. Equally important is maintaining the correct air pressure for more miles from each tire.

Have a clean motor air filter: A dirty air filer can decrease mph, hurt engine functionality and contribute to high engine emissions.

No maintenance needed

There are some elements on automobiles that at one time demanded routine maintenance, but as a result of technological advances, there’s no need . Ball joints and steering linkage which at once necessary lubrication, no longer require it; new spark plugs may last 150,000 miles and in a single time automobile batteries (that are currently sealed for elevator ) required the water level in the electrolyte periodically checked.

Things To Know When Buying A Car

Things To Know When Buying A Car

Buying a car is a very exciting task for you and your household; it’s also among the largest investments you will be making in your life. But purchasing a car also comes with a lot of uncertainty. Not all are automotive specialists and for many buying a car would be the means of transportation for them and their family. Automobiles might appear desirable in TV commercials and on the front page of a paper but choosing the right car for you is the most important decision.

In contrast to popular belief, not every dealer is a cash sucking vampire but your lack of awareness is the biggest boon for the dealer waiting to rip you off. Just a little preparation on your ending is going to keep you conscious and informed upon your next visit to the dealership.

Read this Before Buying A New Car

1. Which car should you choose?

There are 3 rules that you need to follow when creating the purchase of your vehicle.

Ask yourself —

What kind of car do I want?

Can it be affordable?

An SUV might be desired but a sedan or a hatchback will hamper your purpose and your budget also. The space, practicality, horsepower, safety, quality, refinement, attributes, brand value, resale value, color, parking space should all be your factors for consideration. Different trim levels on a single version could be the biggest differentiating factor that may influence your choice. The normal life of a vehicle ownership is 5 years and you want the right car to stay with you for that long.

2. Buy what you can afford

Larger discounts will seem lucrative to get a larger car but keep in mind, a bigger car includes larger fuel bills, expensive spares and also bigger EMI’s. The sales man will try to up-sell a higher model but stick around to your needs. You will also have to factor in the cost of additional fees apart from the ex-showroom cost like that of road taxation, registration, insurance. For a city like Mumbai, Octroi also becomes compulsory and can escalate the expense of a vehicle by 15-20% of the car’s cost. In addition, you need to factor in a leeway of 5-10% on the last price in the event of hidden or unexpected charges.

Compute the EMI sum for your car loan you will be paying monthly, which should not be more than 15% of your post-tax monthly income and then finalize on the version you would like to purchase. So, if your monthly premiums to Rs. 50,000/- article taxation, your car EMI should not be greater than Rs. 7,500/- for a period of 5 yearsprior to creating the purchase value of your vehicle about Rs. 4.5 lakhs.

3. Type of fuel

Your driving cycle must determine the type of fuel you need. But should you drive over 2000 kms a month, petrol makes hardly any sense for you. Petrol cars tend to be rev joyful and provide a poor economy run compared to diesels. Whereas diesels are mildly expensive to keep over petrol cars. But diesels are fun with their high torque and superb fuel economy. Diesel cars additionally price over a lakh more than their petrol counterparts, thus making it longer for you to reclaim the value of your vehicle.

If you’re frequenting between office and home inside city limits with weekend excursions to the mall and theatre, elect for petrol. Scheduled maintenance and ideal driving will also offer you a decent market. You might even opt for a CNG kit in your car to optimize on the fuel economy. Few manufacturers provide mill fitted CNG automobiles and therefore are a very good option to pick. But, CNG may not be easily available and will pay for a lot of boot space too.

4. Resale value

Purchase a favorite version if you happen to change cars every 2-3 years. Even though the discounts will be today, it is going to get you the good deal later in the second hand industry. A less popular model will get you good discounts now but will bring back very low value to the vehicle. Overall, your discount wouldn’t be well worth the depreciation down the years.

5. Do your assignments

The dealership is the last place you must visit if you want to look about a car. Do not expect the sales guy to have the information that you want. Most salesmen will merely let you know what they’ve been educated about the car or maybe even less than that. Consult with the net; you are going to get innumerable reviews, comparisons, possession details on several blogs and automobile forums. Speak with your friends, relatives or owners of other cars and learn from their experiences. That car crazy friend could be your saviour. Your mechanic will also be able to inform you which car will provide you the smallest worries in maintenance.

6. Search for financing choices

The dealer will insist on getting you finance through him, but look at other choices to understand which financial support is offering the best deal. Be mindful of any 0 percent interest schemes, as they are currently banned by the RBI. You could opt for the producers’ own funding scheme, which is usually more reliable. A great deal of sites will inform you the best possible loans available and you can choose accordingly. Finding the ideal car loan interest rate before-hand will leave more space for negotiations. You might also go back to your own bank and work out a deal that is mutually beneficial. Your long term relationship with the bank will surely come in handy here.

In case you have savings, you can use them to create at least 50 percent of the down-payment on the vehicle, while the remainder can be paid with a car loan. A shorter tenure period will also keep the interest lower and you’re able to regain the value of your automobile sooner. Look for EMI calculators online.

7. Search for insurance schemes

Different insurance companies have different features to pick from. Do a market survey and compare who provides the most features with the least premium. Again many dealers have a tie-up with insurance providers, so think about other offers before you sit down to listen to the dealer’s insurance strategy. Some dealers also supply with Rs 1- insurance coverage, but you’d end up paying a higher premium over the car insurance.

In case you have a no-claim bonus out of the past car, you could easily get it moved to your new automobile, which will get you a discount in your premium bringing down the insurance price of the car. The insurance company will give you a no-claim certification, upon asking termination of the policy, which will get you the discount to the new car’s insurance.

8. Examine several different dealers for the Identical brand

A mainstream manufacturer will have at least two dealers in a town; receive a quote from both the dealers for the same vehicle. At times, a dealer may not give you a fantastic offer or not throw at any discounts or freebies as part of this package, while some other dealer would acquiesce to accomplish this. Another variable you get to test here would be draw out comparisons between the dealerships.

Few dealers will choose to check over your benefit, provide you the very best cost, possess the earnings and staff members look after you and pamper you till you make the payment; whereas another dealer may take you for granted. Considering that you are investing in a massive sum in buying a car from the dealer, you get to choose from where to buy. Your comfort with the dealership are also a determining factor. You want to be sure of the dealer and the sales person you’re purchasing from. If they do devote to you for freebies or accessories, then get it in writing to prevent ambiguity.

9. Have a test drive

Never go for a car at face value. What you see on your TV or computer screen is completely different from what the car may have to offer you. Go for a test drive and check all details of the car. It is much better to go with the family to find out if it meets the requirements of your family. An automobile with less head area will appear smaller than it is, while bigger windows make the cabin look larger. Little things like these issue and could conversely mean that you might wind up shifting your buying choice about the car, but finding the right automobile is more significant in the long haul.

10. Discounts could be deceptive

Offers and discounts come with a term called’Conditions Apply’ that leave you non-eligible for at least 60% of the reductions supplied by the dealer. Discounts are offered in the shape of loyalty incentive for existing clients, exchange bonus, discount on loan, dealer discount, corporate reduction etc.. You may surely have to bargain hard and play your cards right to find the best price from the dealer. Moving to multiple dealerships will arrive in effect . You may find out which dealer is supplying you with the most discount on the car and take the negotiations further.

Free Cars for Veterans 2020

Free Cars for Veterans 2020 Don’t Wait!

Free cars for veterans: So, folks, here we’re sharing information on free cars for veterans. Generally sense, the veteran term is used for someone that has had long service or experience in a specific occupation or field. But to be very specific, a military veteran is the one who has served armed forces. The veterans who’ve had direct exposure to the actions of military conflict can also be referred to as war veterans. But not all veterans can afford a car and they looking for a free cars for disabled veterans Program.

For any country, Veterans are their pride; they are prepared to serve their state in any moment and protect us from all harsh and horrible conditions. Veterans are one of the significant areas of the country.

We all know quite well, how hard war veterans have fought and just how much they have done for our nations. Yet still, they don’t have access to the fundamentals of living. They nee free cars for veterans and Some of them lack an adequate place to live while some do not own a vehicle. Though many initiatives have been taken in order to enhance the terms of the Free used cars for veterans, yet they’re still not implemented properly.

  • Car, being the most elementary necessity nowadays, many NGO’s have come up with ideas and plans. Which focus on providing the Free car for disabled veterans as well as launched various Vets car program for these Veterans.
  • Looking following the seriousness of the matter and also the attention it needs, the government has launched various programs imparting Cars for veterans. Absolutely free vehicles for veterans so they have a comfortable travel. Various Vets car program are found as an initiative by the government to fix the issue of disabled vets.

Free Cars for Veterans Program Information

Our  Veterans are pride of our Nation, and we want to honor them in 1 manner or other, they have already done a lot for our Nation.

They do so by seeking a donation by others, and then give our specialists that automobile either in low price or free. Or sometimes, they provide the veterans with a car at some auspicious occasion, as a matter of honoring them. Where a few NGOs provide veterans with Car as a matter of honour, there are done that requests for details and form filling up and then help the veteran, that is the normal protocol of almost every NGO. Many NGO already running Program for Free used cars for veterans

Apply Free Car For Disabled veterans

An organization known as, Free cars for charity has established free cars for veterans application under the Veterans Affairs Program. There they not only offer free boats and materials to the veterans but also supply free automobiles to disabled veterans.


Free cars for disabled veterans
Free cars for veterans in need

They promote and looks for a donation of a car to disabled vets, which have many benefits also. They run a monthly veteran car donation Program, that’s the ideal place to donate a car. And there they give advice for free cars for disabled veterans and provide them with free cars.

How To Get A Free Car For Veterans 

Getting a Free cars for veterans is currently an easy thing, these cars are now accessible from Progressive Insurance schemes initiating this year. There are numerous tremendous application to receive one of those cars. You get such emails every now and that you have got a new vehicle.

So obtaining the free cars is a matter that arises in everybody minds. The cars are only intended for veterans that are encountering difficult conditions, such as”hard emotional and home health necessities, unnecessary lease responsibilities, unemployment, and even homelessness. Not everybody can avail this free car for experts facilities. There’s a particular set of standards that you’ve got to do, to get totally free cars for veterans.

  • You will need to be able to offer a DD214, that can be quite a lot necessary thing with no you cannot possess the access to the free automobile support.
  • License is also among the most important criteria for cars for vets that you have to go through to get access to this free vehicle, but misrepresentation and fraudulent documents won’t function you have to provide a valid driver’s license. If you don’t have one make you, it is going to get the job done.
  • Your document for free cars for veterans should be quite clear, make sure you have a clean driving record with no significant violations within the previous 7 decades. If in case you have some you will not be permitted and then you have to wait for that opportunity to pass , and then apply again freshly.
  • Another problem is residing nearby, that usually means you have to reside by in a nearby community where the giveaway has been hosted. Or else you don’t stand a opportunity to be a part of the giveaway. It will not last for quite a while, you need to, to be truthful with the paperwork, your own identity verification, your records since there will be a background check and you should be able to pass a background check to qualify to this.
  • The earnings limitation is just another consideration you need to look for, you ought to meet certain income deadlines. You’ll be advised beforehand the specific limits set for a specific business. You might be asked to submit last year’s income taxation.
  • Additionally, you shouldn’t have acar or you must be able to pose a hardship along with your prevailing vehicle. Just in this condition, they will give you a Free automobile for veterans. Unless it is done you won’t be permitted.

If you want to acquire an free cars for veterans in need by this program, You’ll Also want to pay for the following things mentioned under:

  1. Title variation fees
  2. All appropriate and applicable sales tax and fees
  3. Insurance on the automobile needs to be compensated.
  4. Vehicle preservation cost.

How do I apply for Free cars for disabled veterans?

There are following steps to acquire Free cars for disabled veterans, you may think It’s a difficult task to perform but in actual applying in for it Is Simpler than you believe it is:

Make a declaration about why you require the Free car.

The first step in receiving Free cars for disabled veterans is to make a statement about why you need the motor vehicle. Before this has some information on the best way to formulate a winning announcement below, so be sure to look it over.

Reach and speak out with a VSO as you will require a nonprofit delegate.

You have to communicate using a VSO who’s a nonprofit delegate as you may require a non-profit to submit your free cars for veterans in need application on your behalf. If you have ever completed a VA claim, it’s probably you already know a masters agent that can assist you offer this sort. But if you’re unknown with such a nonprofit, it is possible to always succeed here in order to get your regional Veteran Service Organization.

You might also ask someone at the VA to present it on your own behalf. But many of these VSO organizations aren’t confidential with all the Keys to Progress giveaway. However, they will give you a hand through lots of the things. You will need to direct them to attend this site for more knowledge. Finally, after this communication, your non-profit representative will email an application. You will need to complete the application and return it with your reception. This really is a stepwise process and you need to go in sequence.

Fill out the application

Complete the Free cars for Veterans application this the 2nd last step in this process. Your broker will reasonably help you with this step. He’ll assist you at each step of completing this internet form.

You need to be patient.

Be patient you’ll be notified soon by the agent for free cars for veterans in need. This is the challenging part really, Programs are assessed at the beginning of each program year and the chosen. But automobiles are bestowed throughout the week encompassing Veteran’s Day.

Create Perfect Free Cars for Veterans Application

We can provide you the tips for producing the ideal free cars for veterans application but it is you who must implement it.

For accessing Free cars for disabled veterans you have to write the program in the prescribed format and nothing ought to be informal. All the details ought to be clear and succinct. No hidden details should be there.

From the free cars for veterans program, if you write something which is not matching to your document doesn’t forget that. Because there is a background verification test that is going to be done.

Hyundai Kona Review

Hyundai Kona Electric Review

The history of electrical cars sold in India hasn’t been great. Those on sale earlier had an extremely limited range, were not potent and, without a charging infrastructure to encourage them, they were also impractical. Now with all the conversation about electrics, the timing couldn’t have been better for the initiation of the Kona Electric — Hyundai’s first mainstream EV using a large range and a modern, practical cottage. Small surprise then that in a period of just 10 days, Hyundai acquired over 120 confirmed bookings. The Kona is available in a single’Premium’ version, in an ex-showroom price tag of Rs 23.72 lakh at 15 select dealerships across 11 cities in India.

The Kona EV is already an worldwide success. Since its launching in April 2018, it’s sold over 15,000 units worldwide. It is offered with two battery options — 64kWh and 39.2kWh — in global markets. Will it be practical to use? What’s the real-world selection? What are some of the creature comforts and luxuries you will have to give up when your money can be utilised to buy secondhand priced batteries? These and other questions are answered in our first all-electric road test in quite a very long time.

Hyundai Kona Electric Design

Hyundai India calls for the Kona that an SUV, but going by the proportions along with the design, this is more a crossover than a full-scale SUV. Even once you compare the measurements, the Kona is only a size bigger than the i20 Active. Creta-sized, it is not. But at 1,800mm, it is quite wide and includes an extended wheelbase too. The 17-inch metal wheels complete the picture and texture nostalgic into the car’s size.

Hyundai kona electric review
Hyundai kona electric review

The Kona doesn’t disappoint when it comes to defining itself as a futuristic automobile. Up front, you’ve got slim LED daytime running lights, below that would be the bi-functional LED projector headlights. Further, you have a sealed grille which helps channel the atmosphere in a much better way, providing the Kona EV an overall drag coefficient of 0.29. The grille also carries the CCS Type 2 charging port, so that you can conveniently park head-on to the charging region parking slot. This plastic’grille’ is badly constructed, however, and feels cheap. In profile, you can see a good deal of body cladding within the flared wheel arches, particularly in the rear, which add to the Kona’s off-roader appearance. The slender LED tail-lamps mimic the look of the front DRLs and sit atop the large turning mild.

The Kona Electric sits on a significantly modified version of the combustion-engine Kona’s system, also has MacPherson strut-type suspension up front and a sophisticated multi-link in the back. Although the Kona EV has not been crash-tested from the worldwide NCAP, the routine Kona did get a 5-star safety rating at the Euro NCAP. The electric version employs innovative high-strength steel. While there’s absolutely no engine, gearbox or fuel tank, the 39.2kWh, liquid-cooled, lithium-ion plastic battery pack sits on the floor — involving the four wheels in addition to under the back seat — and additional precautions are taken to make sure there is minimum damage to it in the event of an accident. The battery is composed of 90 cells wired in series to provide a voltage output of 327V, and it is connected to the engine by high-voltage orange wires.

Up front sits the 136hp, permanent-magnet synchronous engine which converts electric energy to the mechanical energy used to turn the wheels. How does it function? Simple, when current flows through the windings in the engine, it creates a magnetic field that, in turn, rotates the rotor and creates torque.

If you peek under the bonnet you will observe an on-board charger (OBC) and an electrical power control unit (EPCU) mounted on top of the electric motor. The on-board charger converts the outside alternating current (AC) from your house power source (wall sockets ) to direct current (DC) in order to control the high-voltage battery placed beneath the floor. An inverter (a region of the EPCU) is responsible for converting the DC supply from the battery to AC and sending it into the electrical motor, which creates torque to move the car ahead. Another 12V battery is used to power the Kona EV’s standard electronic equipment, such as infotainment, cottage lights and more.

Hyundai Kona Interior

Because of its price, the Kona Electric has a small cottage, so let’s talk relaxation first. Getting in and out of the front seats is not that difficult. You have to drop down on the seats rather than simply sliding them onto, like in certain SUVs. When in the driver’s seat, though, you have great frontal visibility. Rear visibility is not that good because of the tiny back windscreen. Front seats offer ample under-thigh and side support to keep you set up on corners. The driver’s seat also offers 10-way alteration with lumbar support, hence finding your perfect driving position is rather straightforward. Tall drivers might discover headroom to be tight, as the sunroof protrudes into the cabin.

There is plenty of helpful information including range, battery control, energy flow and different drive modes. On the left, you have a real-time drive indicator that shows the quantity of battery power being used when accelerating and the quantity of energy recovered through regeneration.

Hyundai Kona Interior Review
Hyundai Kona electric Interior Review

The horizontal design of the dashboard is really simple and doesn’t feel very exciting.
Soft-touch alloys are few and also the tough plastics do not really givea premium feel. Neither do most
of the buttons on the center console and steering, though they do havea very nice tactile feel to them. The 7.0-inch floating touchscreen in the centre is little but is at a nice height, and therefore you don’t need to tilt your head down too much to operate it. Even though the buttons on the sides of the display may look like they’re from a very old layout, they create touchscreen operation while driving much simpler and safer.

There are plenty of storage places to keep your daily stuff — the door pockets are adapting enough and the glovebox is also of a good size. The centre console has two or three cupholders, a storage compartment at the armrest, and an enclosed storage space beneath the AC controls. Since the Kona utilizes buttons instead of levers to change transmission modes (M, R, D and N ) and has an electric parking brake, you receive another storage spacebelow the console. This distance isvery usable and features a 12V charging socket as well as a USB charging slot.

Hyundai Kona Performance

Powering the Kona in India is a 136hp electrical motor which produces 395Nm of torque. The cabin is
Silent even when you push the start button and stays silent once you start driving with a light foot. You’ve got a choice of four drive manners (Eco, Eco+, Comfort and Sport), depending on the way that you wish to push. In Comfort mode, the car responds nicely to a tap on the accelerator and the drive is smooth and effortless. All you need to do to get a fast overtake is hit the accelerator pedal somewhat harder and the car jumps forward with a sudden surge. This makes closing gaps in traffic easy, and there is always enough power available. Switch to Sport mode, and answers to accelerator inputs are suddenly sharper. There’s now an instant flow of power when you bend your right foot; and occasionally, if you’re somewhat tough on the throttle, you get a good deal of wheel spin. Eco mode is much more inclined towards city-driving states; and even though the accelerator inputs are somewhat dull, it provides enough power to drive smoothly. Long-pressing the drive mode button participates Eco+, the most energy-efficient manner in which the Kona’s top speed is restricted to 90kph and the climate control is switched off (it could be switched on manually).

Hyundai Kona Buying and owning

The reduction in GST dropped the price of this Kona to Rs 23.72 lakh (ex-showroom, India). For the battery package, you receive an eight-year/1,60,000km warranty as well.

The Kona Electric, in the same way as any other EV, is a step towards the ideal aim of environment-friendly vehicles by bringing emissions to nil. Even though India still relies on fossil fuels for electricity production, EV adoption goes a long way towards reducing carbon emissions.

If this is not motivation enough, people also anticipate the price of power for conducting an EV to be much lower than what they would spend on fuel for a normal vehicle. Let’s break that down. The battery capacity of this Kona EV is 39.2kWh, so it requires approximately 40 units of power for a full charge (1kWh = 1 unit). In India, a single unit of electricity prices around Rs 8 (for residential places ) determined by the service provider. So the cost for a complete charge is around 40 units X 8 Rs 320. Going by our evaluations, in realistic driving conditions, it’s quite simple to get a variety of 300km. A petrol – or petrol-powered Elantra automatic, that is almost in exactly the same price bracket, could cost you Rs 5 per km (petrol price = Rs 65 per litre) and Rs 6.8 per km (petrol price = Rs 72 per litre), respectively.

Electric vehicles (and the infrastructure to support them) are still in their infancy in India. Nonetheless, it’s clear that the Kona is easily the most comprehensive EV to go on sale in India today. It has a powerful motor that offers good performance; and once you put in your own charger at home, provided you can, the Kona Electric also becomes functional. The battery permits you to travel 250-300km between charges in town and charging it costs next to nothing.

It is, true, lacking in a few areas. The interiors don’t feel really premium, especially for a Rs 25 lakh automobile — it’s cramped on the inside. The backseat isn’t comfy and while it feels nippy around corners, the steering lacks feel and feedback. The Kona’s largest challenge however is that Rs 25 lakh can rather get one of the best SUVs available in India; something such as a fully loaded Kia Seltos or even a Jeep Compass. Still, if you would like to be an early adopter of the electrical technology and are prepared to overlook a lack of dimensions, distance, relaxation and the additional conveniences that petrol and gas automobiles still have over EVs, The Hyundai Kona Electric could very well be your first electric. It sets very substantial standards for the near future EVs coming our way.

Free cars for single mom

Get Free Cars For Single Moms From Charity Org Help

Get Free Cars For Single Moms From Charity Org Help Cars for single moms: we are here to help single moms to receive a free car, free cars for single moms charity programs are emerging as a helping hand for single mothers, pregnant moms. They are offering free cars for single mother through different government and non government organizations,that can be exclusively for single mother

Cars for single moms: Free Cars for Single Mom Programs are very popular programs. We’re here to help single moms to receive a free vehicle, free cars for single moms charity plans are emerging as a helping hand for single mothers, pregnant moms. They’re offering free cars for unmarried mother through different government and non government organizations,which can be exclusively for single mom. In our last article I have shared How to Get a Free Car in the Government. Because many responses were based on single moms, many single moms pinged me straight and got lots of emails too, and were asking the identical thing the way to get a free cars for single mom. Many Government scholarships and grants are offered for all those single mothers who would like to study and take care of their kids and family. It is possible to find here information and can apply Easily Apply Free Grants For Single Mothers Program

Get car vouchers for single mothers, Grants for automobiles for cars mothers
Get car vouchers for single mothers, Grants for Cars for single mothers

Get car vouchers for single mothers, Grants for cars for single mothers.

Life of a single mom isn’t easy, they must manage multiple works, they to manage office, a single mom has to handle baby too. A single mom confront the big big challenges that the most one in fiscal issue, and another one is transportation issue. Let’s say your office is 10 kms away from your house and your kids school is 5 km away from your home but in reverse direction the major challenge here is today you have to travel 15 km to attain your kid and if you do not have a vehicle that is like hell.There are various programs offering free cars for unmarried moms. When moms is put in to perspective, this result is compounded. Studies on the efficacy of programs giving cars away for mothers have shown that the beneficiaries are likely to discover and hold on to their jobs. The study and the time direction of moms link, as a consequence of their mode of transport. Unmarried mothers, Low-income families, Pupils, etc. are all beneficiaries of government plans to acquire a new or used motor vehicle. A perspective is covered by this manual on the programs that provide cars for moms .Donating cars are based on several criteria where the credit rating of one is not part of it.

I understand the illness, my neighbor Lucy who had been separated from his husband using a 5 years baby woman and decided to stay in California with her very own family. She suffered a lot because it was hard to journey with a child and particularly if she’s single and she does not have any reliable vehicle to transport.Public transport is not positive all the time, especially. A mother makes enough money as that of two members in a family. Obtaining a vehicle is difficult for teams and single mothers fall under this category. Nonprofit organizations offering free cars for unmarried mothers, having a vehicle is made simple and extremely affordable As a result of this programs run by Nonprofit Organizations. Cars being given to moms come to the rescue here. Public transport is at the point, not every job for mothers. Nevertheless, finding such applications for single moms can be challenging and so here is a broad collection of charity programs which that donate cars to single mothers. There are ways to be eligible for free cars for single moms.

According to My Opinion just superwomen has ability to handle entire things on the planet except it if you’re a girls you should participate in free cars for single moms program. A car would really enable a mother to resist her regular life challenges like taking the children to school and other actions, visiting work, visiting the grocery store, a important appointment with the physician and maintaining a job, private and social life balance. Appropriate transport will definitely help single moms to juggle between their occupation, kids and societal life.

The significant challenges for one mother or it won’t be wrong if I say major challenges for households is to handle financial freedom with now conditions where price of what’s growing this scenario if a person request or even intend to purchase a vehicle, I’m sure, she must think twice before it. So what if you can not buy a vehicle there are multiple ways which could work for you one of these is Free donated cars for single mother , which can help you in daily struggle with Transport. Within this post to be able to know how to assist single moms to get free or donated cars for unmarried moms .

Many organizations are there which help of absolutely free cars for single mom charity, are coming forward to and moreover it is not a lengthy process to find a free cars. If your application is approved for free cars for single moms program, you can own a car within 10-15 days readily. Due to high concern with single moms they have reduced the paperwork’s and all. So here I am going to help you how to get free cars for single mom

Free Cars For Single Moms

Mothers have no job or facing financial issue.It’s rare that more than a guy could be earned by a woman. These are exceptions, although There’s a certain proportion of women opting for motherhood. The image of a woman deprived of life and obligation azimuth perpetuated In regards to the standing of a mommy. The perception of mothers in this manner is unfair and unfair. Girls who raise their kids become lonely, since the law and the state are not on their own side.

It’s not now that having a kid is treated in luxury terms. Girls have to hide their problem. Young moms have career prospects than women. Availability is a necessity on a potential employer’s part. Young working mothers have discomfort associated for their loved ones and their child. The mom is left alone, Whilst in the case of a household, parents can look after the kid. In this Case there are lots of charities and non profitable business are feeling pain of a single mom and working towards this pain and resolving the issue for transportation for single mom so at least they could manage their work life easily. Free cars for single mother programs has helped Lucy among my neighbor in handling is office and kids. Lucy is easily helping her son to shoot and fall from school or kindergarden. Here are numerous ways to participate and receive a chance to have a complimentary Cars for single mothers few of them we’re indicating below

Get Free Car Vouchers For Single Mothers

There are various charities which are offering free cars for unmarried mothers and Free Car For People In Need and Running Complimentary car Vouchers Programs too, welfare car voucher Programs is one of the favorite one of USA that’s Truly helping programs to help get a car. Car voucher program from Michigan, car voucher program in taxes Has been Running successfully it had been the government car voucher program. Car vouchers for unmarried moms, Is Also Being Sponsored By federal grants for single mothers to purchase a vehicle.

How to Get Free Cars For Single Moms From Charity

Every mother Loves her baby yet Single mom is a Powerful lady for She is fighting all the time, she wants to provide more than a Healthy & joyous life to her Children. If you are a single mother and are not capable of affording a car this shortly, Single mothers deserve free cars due to its help her to get children from school to go work or Regularly physician checkups and effortless traveling with the infant and that can be possible that you have a car because there are numerous associations some others and governmental private who works for the benefits of mothers just like you. That is why we printed this article on cars for single moms.

Free Charity Cars For Single Moms, federal grants for single mothers to buy a car
Free Charity Cars For Single Moms, federal grants for single mothers to buy a car

I know about urban areas but that I strongly regret about rural areas where forget about transport, you get barely single mode of transportation, if you are lucky that your rural region is connected with transportation I wager frequency will not be there so that you can travel any time, along with only mom has no fix time to journey. With the support for a free cars for single moms from charity application can enable you to access your car during your emergency.

Nonprofit organizations or non-government organization are These associations donate free cars to Single Mom,veterans,low income households,pupils and other struggling families. To find free cars from charity, Government Non-Profit organizations. You’ll have to only feel out free cars for unmarried moms charity App form. The receiver should meet the eligibility criteria for having the capacity to make an application for the contribution. Here listed Organizations will help unmarried mothers, veterans to receive free cars, How to Receive a free cars for students This company giving cars for single mothers like you who struggle with a job which has valid driving Permit and She’s a Legal U.S Resident ( Right we’re helping single moms who belongs to USA only) The receiver needs to be the native of this country USA where she currently resides, she must have a valid driver’s license If one mom struggling to pay car insurance coverage May Not get free cars from charity application.

How to Get Free or Cheap Cars from Government Car Programs

These days, donating older car, Trucks or even Taxies to become Popular who don’t want their older cars anymore has the ideal choice to choose rather selling. Why donating a car is a best option I will explain in this informative article farther, Read this post carefully to Understand How a totally free car for single mom could help her and her kids. Single mothers like you readily get this complimentary donated cars for single mother. These Authorities applications meet with car donors and wanted persons with individuals who undergo government assistance as a means of helping them become self-explanatory.

The government built a very distinctive law of car tax. Using that car donation choice you receive a tax deduction in your next tax return which means if you are donating a free car to single mother you can claim tax relief once you submit your tax return. This form of program immediately benefit the single mommy. An car is 1 vehicle to do a number of tasks. It can help to make easy transportation or let’s say if any period of time single mother lose her job she is able to use it like a cab too. Other Charities and Local Car Dealers also tied up together to conduct these Campaigns. With no manage to all children and tasks will be challenging then mother can use free Car for single moms Program to help single mothers.

How to Get Free Cars From a Non-Profit Organization

Single mothers are always to high concern for authorities in addition to for charity organizations, as everyone know how hard to manage everything I am going to share best 3 Organization which are best to receive a free cars for single mother under their schedule.

Single moms simply must use for their program get a free car for single mom from a non- profit organization. After applying all the Charity Organizations, In case your petition then do not worry. I’ll also tell you today what you could do. Inside this state There are already Some little Organization Working on same routine of charity they help to purchase a car for single mothers free. However, you have to pay that money,When one mother Feel that now she can pay. Other Option to get a best car for single mom is Buy Here Pay Here

The cars or The automobiles these organizations get in its very best shape since they are not transportation ready. These organizations make certain these cars are donado refurbished and totally reliable & secure for the motorist after donating it to the recipient.

Charity Programs to Get a Free Car – Free Cars To Single Mothers

The list of 3 best and Best Organizations to Receive a Free car for single mother is given below

FreeCharityCars.Org is a non-profit organization which aids the single mom or needed one like you. That is only for the United Status. provide a fantastic car if you take part in their own job training and women skills improve Programs. The also Provides a job required to girls to create Financially independent, functions only in Iowa (USA). this Non-profit organization will help to Family who not able to possess money to care for families that are single.

Apart form these charities there are several different charities are offered or contribute free cars to unmarried mothers. We are listing them below

Eligibility for Free Cars for Single Mothers

The eligibility criteria might differ from program to program, they’re many free cars donation applications which are helping single mothers. If you are the person who is intending to take part in any of those given (above) Program have a look under Qualification for Free Cars for Single Mothers

The Girls Have to Be one mother, Divorced or Widow.
The single mother must carry a legal Vehicle license In order to apply for free car licenses
The single mother needs to have a valid evidence of Job i.e. letter issued by the business or any offer letter issued from the organization
Should be fit into the requirement determined by the charity organizer.
Must have the ability to repay (If mention)
has to have the ability to cover auto insurance
Must not have owned any Ahead vehicle or haven’t engaged in any other car grants.
Must not be a drug addict
Mustn’t be involve in any of the criminal offense

How to Get Car insurance for Single Mothers

Life is valuable and it turned into more costly when you know that someone else is depend on you. Single mother isn’t only accountable for their lifetime, somebody else can also be there supporting him. We’ve talked about in this article how to get a free car for single mom, but I thought what should one mother get a car and meet some accident or any other negative situation whilst driving. Having Precaution before disorder is always a best option to determine. Being a single mom is one of the toughest challenges that a grownup can undergo. And the important thing is that car insurance coverage is mandatory in several U.S. states. Being a mother is not straightforward.

Free Cars for Single mother car Insurance
car insurance assistance for single moms

Being a Single mother is not easy. Being a responsible single mother is much harder. You need to perform all of the tasks that come with being a mom all by yourself. For a single mother, the expense of car insurance will be important, but will these things as making sure you can be in the day care by 6pm, also knowing that your kids are being kept safe as you push them into the areas you need to go. From juggling between carpooling timetables to monitoring your kids’ homework and keeping up with your specialist duties, almost all of your daily tasks will take a high level of coordination. For unmarried moms, leaving the children in your house while you go shopping is not always a choice, so your car insurance must reflect how you’ve got valuable cargo on board more often than a few mothers. You would think that car insurance companies would offer unmarried mothers a break by supplying specific reductions or diminishing their own premiums. Regrettably, there are no discounts for single mothers. If you have smaller children, you will have to get the perfect policy to ensure they’re totally protected if you drive to and from other places.

So just how to get complimentary car insurance for unmarried mothers or Cheap car insurance for unmarried moms .

As I have told you there are no special discount awarded to unmarried mom, more over if we talk about the minimum cost of auto insurance for one mom, the cheapest auto insurance for single mother is $130. However, it does not mean if you don’t have some reduction today you won’t need . To get free auto insurance for single mother we always imply to be in contact with your insurance provider.

There are various Insurance Plans Available In The current market, it’s suggested to read all of the terms and conditions related paper carefully. A lot of people are not aware of these Terms and Conditions and they purchase a insurance plan that’s really not useful for them, so it’s always suggested that compare all the insurance plans whether online or another source of advice, since in the event that you dont perform a proper a study earlier and purchase a insurance program, later if you see that the terms of services are not allowing you to use what you was expecting, Your cash is ripped now you cant do anything, always put in your insurance policy what’s needed if you are adding additional services that’s gonna take more income from the pocket.The bulk of peoples make this error realize when they’re charged high quantity.

Insurance firms too provides plenty of choices to select for single mothers car insurance. They could pick any of required.


Car Insurance assistance for Single Moms : There are many different helping hand that are helping for car insurance For single Mothers, Organizations like Federal government help Single moms the car insurance for single mothers, yet this company help is for all those car only that are donated for single moms by the government cars donation for unmarried mothers. Usually this cheap car insurance is for single moms who are no paying back the money since the cost of the car insurance will be covered in the Single mother Grant.When someone depends upon you life becomes much more precious. The notion of getting insurance eases the strain of protecting oneself as well as your dependent. This is true of unmarried mothers who are also responsible for security and the security of her child. There is absolutely zero discount on car insurance plan on a car or truck. It is all up to the profile of a mother needing a vehicle to make the best use of the opportunity provided by agencies throughout the country. The demand for various and transport programs run by the government charities have been discussed at length at the manual.


Tata Altroz Review

Tata Altroz Review 2020

You first watched it as the 45X concept at Auto Expo 2018, and then afterwards in near-production form at Geneva 2019. What you see here is that the final version of this Tata Altroz which will eventually go on sale in early 2020. Like the premium hatchbacks it moves up against, the Tata Altroz steps just a litte beneath 4m (3,990mm to be exact ) to be eligible as a’small car’ and yet promises big car levels of space, refinement and relaxation.

The Altroz isn’t only big in size so far as hatchbacks move but it’s also a huge deal in Tata’s travel as a carmaker. Together with OMEGA arc (that underpins the Harrier), the ALFA arc will form the cornerstone of a ton of fresh Tatas at the time to come. The modular architecture can support a whole assortment of body designs which range from 3.7m to 4.3m in length, and has been developed with electrification in mind. Doors that open 90 degrees along with a flat rear floor are some of the characteristics that are going to be common for cars, SUVs and MPVs built on ALFA arc.

The Altroz also happens to be the first Tata to get BS6-compliant engines. On offer are 1.2-litre naturally aspirated petrol and 1.5-litre turbo-diesel motors, each allied to manual gearboxes. For the time being, we have got our hands on the models that will be available at launch, and there is lots to discuss.

How’s the Tata Altroz Design?

Tata Motors has been on a hot streak so far as exterior design goes and, to our eyes , the Altroz takes the story forward with pizzazz. Sure, the shape is standard hatchback however, the numerous stylistic flourishes in your body work cohesively to elevate the total appearance of the car.

Tata altroz review design
Tata altroz review design

The shark nose-like front finish, the slick grille finished in black, and the large and swept-back headlights which are lined by a band of chrome give the Altroz its face. Some might see the arrangement as a modern interpretation of the original Indica’s’smiling grille’, but Tata designers certainly didn’t mention as an inspiration. High-set fog lamps (also home to the LED DRLs) and an elegant atmosphere dam on the bumper are different elements of interest .

The upswept windows arrive underlined with a black embellishment that begins thick at the front and tapers towards the rear, in effect, providing the illusion of a vehicle with a sporty tipped-forward stance; a bit Lamborghini Diablo meets mass-market hatchback.

The large wheel arches give the Altroz suitable volume also, but even the slick 16-inch’laser-cut’ alloys do not seem quite big enough. What’s sure to be somewhat polarising is that the placement of the rear door handles; they sit on the C-pillar rather than from the traditional position on the doorways.

Tata’s designers have also gone to get a dual-tone motif for the Altroz’s edgy tail end. The spoiler, tail-light surround and upper portion of the bootlid come finished in dark, and seem quite sporty. Buyers also have the choice of a black roof for the entire effect.

In all, the Altroz has a’concept car for your road’ look about it, and that is a great starting point.

How’s the Tata Altroz Interior Design

Each of the Altroz’s four doors open to 90 degrees, and getting in to the front part of the cottage is very easy. First impressions once indoors are mostly favorable too. Sure, the dashboard layout is not quite as cutting edge as the outside, but you’ll enjoy what you see. The Altroz’s free-standing 7.0-inch touchscreen is set high up (and hence in clear sight), and also what adds some flavour here is the layered effect of the dashboard with textured plastics to the surface, a gloss finish for your center and light gray materials lower down. Turquoise backlighting (adjustable for intensity) for the raised centre console contributes to some vibrancy at night too. Material quality is good by class standards but there are places where the panel openings aren’t consistent, such as the surrounds for your glovebox. What you may enjoy, however, is your reassuring thunk on door shut.

Massive chairs means comfort front is well cared for, a sliding centre armrest on top-spec automobiles is a welcome addition, while the flat-bottomed and leather-wrapped steering feels great to hold. Frontal visibility is good too but the Altroz’s thick A-pillars do create blindspots, particularly on the other hand. What also takes some getting used to is the instrumentation. There is a class-first combo of an analogue speedometer and electronic tachometer but the squared-out dials aren’t easy enough to follow. The tacho’s triangulated needle end also highlights a motor speed range as opposed to a specific rpm, if this is something that you keep an eye on. The Altroz’s 7.0-inch digital screen also the educational multi-info display, and what’s nice is that navigation directions from a connected smartphone will be relayed here, reducing the need to look away at the main touchscreen.

Tata Altroz Interior Design
Tata Altroz Interior Design

Connecting a smartphone won’t be a bother either (unlike on the Harrier) using the USB slot positioned in plain sight at the bottom of the centre console. The Altroz cabin does score well on distance for small items too. There is another set of cupholders close to the gear lever, a sizable storage bay below the driver’s armrest and a 1-litre bottleholder, and even an umbrella holder on each of the front doors.

Getting onto the Altroz back seat is not quite as comfy as it is made out to be. Yes, the doors open wide however, the aperture between the seat and B-pillar is not the biggest. A comparatively high-set rear seat does assist here, which means that you get a pretty good view from the windows. The rear part of this Altroz cabin doesn’t feel as airy as a Jazz’s and doesn’t offer the exact same legroom that you’d get in a Baleno; however, you won’t have reason to whine on each count. There’s enough knee space for six footers to sit down in comfort, and it’s only in the event that you sit bolt upright will you locate headroom sufficient but no longer.

The Altroz is the widest car in the course and there is sufficient shoulder room to host three occupants at the back. What also makes life simpler for the center passenger is the flat floor, which, as stated, is a trait on all ALFA architecture Tata cars. The back seat works well as a place for two with the fold-down rear armrest positioned at just the right height. What does take away from the relaxation to a extent is the excess bolstering from the lumbar region; you will find yourself changing position frequently. A great inclusion here is a dedicated 12V charging socket.

The Tata Altroz gets a 345-litre boot that is marginally greater than the Baleno’s 339 litres plus a bit less than the Jazz’s 354 litres. The high loading lip will make it difficult to load thick bag however, the well-shaped boot means you can fit in plenty of things. The back seat backrest doesn’t split but it can be folded forward to enhance luggage distance to 665 litres. While luggage space is ample, we wonder whether it has come at the cost of gas tank capacity, which can be a meagre 37 litres. So to receive a decent selection, fantastic fuel efficiency is going to be crucial.

Drive modes and guide air-conditioning can also be part of this package. The XM-spec Altroz adds in power windows, a 3.5-inch infotainment system from Harman, power-adjust and folding mirrors and surrounding lighting in the footwell. The XT trim adds in more goodies by way of a 7.0-inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, 7.0-inch digital MID screen, LED DRLs, push- button start, a reverse camera, cruise control and start-stop tech on the petrols. Range-topping Altroz XZ models go the distance with 16-inch laser-cut metal wheels, projector headlamps, auto climate control, auto lights, rain-sensing wipers, ambient light, and front and rear armrests. A contrast roof is a paid alternative on the XZ cars.

Uniquely, each of the trims can be provided with an add-on package that bundles in specific features. The Rhythm pack gives Altroz XE and XM buyers the option to update to the infotainment systems out of a cut higher. On the flip side, the Style pack brings in a comparison roof, stylised steel wheel and LED DRLs to the XM. XT buyers have the option of this Luxe package, where you receive a leather-wrapped steering wheel, height-adjustable driver’s seat and rear centre armrest. XZ buyers may also spruce up the look of their automobiles with the Urban pack that includes diamond-cut alloy wheels, outside colour-coordinated detailing at the cottage and a contrast black roof. Tata Motors says it will present more packs and alternatives to the Altroz later on.

Where the Altroz does lag behind the curve is actually connectivity. There is no eSIM-based connected tech (it is in the pipeline however ), and even the 7.0-inch screen doesn’t work as slick as you’d like. The Harman sound system does deliver fair sound quality however.

There is much to like about the way the Altroz drives. The new platform excels immediately with a great ride and handling balance. There is a hint of stability to the ride however, the suspension nevertheless manages to consume the rough stuff at reduced speeds with ease. You feel nicely cushioned the faster you go and the huge highlight is high-speed stability. The Altroz feels comfy and sure-footed at triple-digit rates, and, correspondingly, works quite nicely as a machine that is secondhand. There is a confidence in the way the Altroz changes direction also. Turn-in is slick (better on the heavier diesel) and there’s a beautiful feeling of link in the steering. The electric steering is light when you want it to be at reduced speeds, but weights upward efficiently as you put in on speed.

Where the Altroz appears to be bit of a work in advance is when talking of the petrol engine. The Altroz’s petrol engine is basically an upgraded version of this Tigor’s 1.2-litre, three-cylinder unit. There’s dual variable valve timing and the compression ratio has also been bumped up. Resultantly, electricity is up to 86hp while max torque is 113Nm. The characters are par for the course for this class of automobile but overall performance does leave you wanting. Part throttle responses are agreeable as well as the engine is earnest at low speeds but that pep you get at a Baleno is simply missing, even at the stronger City mode.

A light clutch gets the Altroz simple to live with in city, but the 5-speed gearbox isn’t the slickest in the company. Quickshifts are not it is thing. The 1.2 engine does not have a lot to give towards the top end and revving the engine only draws your attention to the thrum in the three-cylinder engine. Auto start-stop also has the gas engine come to life with a bit of a judder.

In a sense, it is the diesel Altroz that feels like the complete package. The 1.5-litre, four-cylinder diesel is in the Nexon albeit at a lower 90hp and 200Nm state of tune. The electricity downgrade was chiefly to make the engine compatible with the 5-speed gearbox’s lower torque score. But not that you would feel any shortage of power. The diesel engine can feel somewhat reluctant in jelqing throttle driving, typical of our towns, but it is fast to settle into a rhythm too. You’ll prefer the easy access to electricity and the comfort with which the 1,150kg Altroz diesel gets to cruising speeds. Again, this isn’t an engine to wind hard; keep it in it’s comfort zone and you’ll can rake up the kilometres without much fuss. If anything, the motor does become gravelly past 3,000rpm and it isn’t quite in Hyundai gas land when speaking refinement. Interestingly enough, and also a point worth highlighting is that the gas evaluation cars were running on BS6 grade petrol brought from Delhi.

Of the other things, the diesel Altroz’s clutch action is light enough however, the 5-speed gearbox feels its finest using gentle inputs.

Should I purchase Altroz?

The Tata Altroz makes an immediate impression for how it looks. It’s got a display value that no other car in this course can match. The Altroz makes for a sensible family car also with a cottage that provides enough by means of space and relaxation. As an additional incentive, it’s also good to drive arguably the best dynamics among premium hatchbacks. And buyers who cover large distances will also find a fantastic match in the well-rounded Altroz diesel.

A peppier petrol engine, better refinement and a greater focus on connectivity are things on our wish list, and components that would make the Altroz simpler to recommend. What is a plus a question mark for the time being is fuel market. All said, the Tata Altroz has a few solid borders and has the potential to make its place in the premium hatchback segment. All that’s left is to get Tata to price it well. With a price tag between Rs 5-8 lakh (estimated, ex-showroom), the Altroz could only upset the apple cart.

how to get a free car from the government

Get a Free Car From The Government

Get a Free Car From The Government: free cars government assistance program is the simplest way to Get your own car. Car is the actual fantasy for not all but most and I am one of them, life doesn’t allow to get what you all want to have, In this world Almost all People Travel With Family, Without Family, With Girlfriend, With Friends, With Relatives I Understand Just How Hard It is to Travel Without Owning A Car. Can you Know the best way to have a free auto from a government. Public Transits Don’t work All of the time, Some time They’re over Crowded too.Some time you have to See such areas which doesn’t have people transport.I will Tell You about Ways to Find a free automobile But Before I Start I Need to Ask Few Things.Which Will Assist you to get a free car now

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how to get a free car
how to get a free car from the government , apply for government car assistance

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Get a free car now, how to get a donated car for Student
Government Car program is to help those who Need to get a complimentary automobile . Free government automobiles will be your own automobiles and authorities won’t disrupt in any circumstance later. Government automobile assistance For Needy is actually beneficial. I’ll also guide you through how to get

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Government has some standards for providing a vehicle that’s absolutely free. You might get cars that are free from Authorities, if you are under those criteria. The Section is that they don’t check credit rating even if you’ve obtained charge money’s score nevertheless, your request is approved by them.

Eligibility Criteria For Government Free Car Program

  • If you belong to low income Family
  • If you belongs to Veterans / Military Families
  • If you or your family is a Victims of natural disasters
  • Should you or your family is still a Victims of domestic violence
  • Should you or your family is The medically needy
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  • If you or your household is The working poor or Whether you are a Student

Free Cars For Single Mother
Free Cars for Single Mother : Being a single mother is not easy at all. I’ve seen my mother, where my father used to help him all the time, if it was house hold works or any other financial issue. My sisters were there to assist my mom, even all family used to encourage her in the end of the day she used to felt tired or I state was unable to do anything. Single Mothers can use for Transport that are free of Government free car Program.

Free cars for single mother
Free cars for single mother

Government Provided Cars for Single Mother who need and have low incomes a Car that’s absolutely free and also to look after her infant. To handle her daily workplace and residence life, even it let single mother to see kinder gardens by employing these government free automobiles if their kids are a small infant.

Free Cars for Veterans

Government free automobiles for Veterans: Veterans are the back bone of USA. I understand the way they spend their whole by endangering their own personal life. The Cars for Veterans Program running to Provide Descent life for veterans. The Government takes action as soon as possible when the issue is related to Veterans in usa

Free Cars For Student

Students govt car program: Students are totally depend on Families, as they cant do more too, I know my collage days when I was able to bring money from my family, Students like me that belongs to low income households or inadequate family, NPO Offers a vehicle and can help them. They’re helped by this Organization with transportation and Research fees.

Cars For Low Income Disabled

Disabled Peoples government help for cars:Free Cars for Disabled People Program Is a part of government assistance for handicapped, Charity Program may be employed to by Individuals they’ll locate the vehicle that is instant. Those Peoples Who are disabled or disabled they’ll get car to their own Pain for the Transportation & hill. You Will Need to Give Disability Certificate with the Records.

Government Free Cars for Senior Citizens: Government would be to consider and worry yourself with senior citizens. Government has a separate Grants group for senior citizens I which government is offering free cars to individuals over 50 or people who are senior citizens that are super. USA.Gov has all the grants and capital details which government is offering senior citizens.

Free car help for Cancer individual — Cancer is a worst disease. It requires everything out of a human, his health, his riches, his lifetime. To visit doctors and hospitals it is very hard to get a cancer patience with no vehicle.

Grants for breast cancer patient helping cancer people in receiving a free cars ans well as some charities are working that accept auto donations and sell your given cars to assist cancer suffered individuals.

I am coming to the best part of this post and I request you again to see this post carefully to avoid any Mistake.

Apply For Free Car From Government

I Know Now you’re curious to understand the previous phase to own your own free car from government. Before I describe The Process of government free car program, I Want to explain you how to

Get free money from the government for a car, Government does not offer money, government help buying a car by providing cheque or credit money directly on your accounts, government help to get a car But follow a suitable process too and to get your free car that you need to submit file to authorities. Once they accept it they will transfer fund from $10000-50000$.

how to get a free car from the government
Free car from the Government

And something I would love to let you know and I know you’ll be happy to know this to receive a free car government you do not have to do this much paper work, you don’t need to wait around for so long it will take just 15-20 days to complete the procedure and respond them on your program free of car.

1 Important thing that you have to ensure whilst applying for free car from government, clearly mention On Your document Why you want a complimentary vehicle. Later in this post I’ll also explain you to a question”where can I get a free automobile”

If any point of time should you find any problem in applying for free cars, remark below we’ll help you. The next question ought to come on your what if your program for government free auto gets rejected ,

Dishearten now, Now I understand what’s running in your mind…. .

Still can I get a free car?

Application Rejected for government programs to buy a car….Now what?

How to get a free new car Now…. . ?

Any more methods to get a free auto Now……?

Can there be some other government program for old cars?

Is There some other government plan to purchase old cars if government plans to buy a car Rejected……. . ?

I will Say don’t dishearten now There continue to be one more way to get a free automobile Though your application To free auto from the government App rejected.This will help getting free Cars

There are lots of non Profit organizations and non-government organizations that run these sorts of free car programs, and Assist obtaining a free vehicle. Which provides For Various Categories of Individuals.

This Section is Useful for Below Category of Individuals.

  1. Free cars for low income families
  2. free car programs for the needy
  3. free cars for disabled persons
  4. free used cars for the needy
  5. free cars for poor people or poor families
  6. free vehicles for the needy
  7. free car for family in need
  8. Charities offer Free Cars
  • Charity that offer free cars

You will find Organizations that are offering free cars by using their charities we’re listing these organization below it is possible to directly apply for this particular charities for free cars.

  • Cars4Christmas (Visit Website ) — Cars 4 Christmas, also referred to as C4C, is a nationally nonprofit organization which operates primarily in the Midwest regions of Kansas City, Wichita, Omaha, St. Louis and Springfield. Cars 4 Christmas has been beginning to provide free basic transportation to less fortunate families and people that are unable to get it in any way. Fantastic News Garage has contributed to families desiring much over 5,000 cars. Any wanting to give a free car Can call toll-free 877. GIVE Call (877.448.3288)
  • Offer A Car Today (See Site ) — They are recorded if qualified you’ll find a car that has been donated and in Several states Donate A Car Today is a superb site to when seeking to get a vehicle to employ. Donate your automobile to charity with our industry-leading car donation processing alternatives available in most places near you. Select your cause. It is quick, free and tax deductable
  • 1800-Charity Cars (Visit Site) — 1-800-Charity Automobiles is a nationwide program that provides Automobiles to low-income families.This non-profit organisation accepts donated vehicles and Provides them into the less fortunate, This organisation provides them and accepts vehicles. Go to the criteria page on their website. Charity vehicle Donations — Fair market IRS tax Deduction. The cars go but are now struggling with transport.
  • WithCauses.Org ( Visit Site ) With Causes Charitable community admits the demands of others, both good and small.It may be one parent who had at any time needed support and found it, wanting now to provide back. WithCauses.Org helps low income families by letting them apply through their online application form.
  • Modest Needs (Visit Site) Modest demand supply short-term financial assistance to individuals and households in temporary crisis,Modest Needs is a excellent site Working with the motive to give aid to families and individuals in need,since they’re working and live just above the poverty level, are ineligible for many kinds of traditional social support,along with Modest need helps individuals who return to Their communities and country such as public school educators, first responders, veterans returning from service abroad and active duty military members.The thought of the site enables people to post their hardship before asking for a modest quantity of money in return.
  • United Way Worldwide (Visit Website ) United Way Worldwide for more than 125 years, United Way has evolved to meet the requirements of this times.United Way is engaged in almost 1,800 communities across over 40 countries and territories worldwide. United Way improves lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities throughout the world to advance the frequent good.we make for communities throughout the planet go beyond short-term charity for a couple of.

Free Charity Cars — Free Chairty car has united with 1800 — charity automobile

Donating cars a Wonderful bargain for the Donator or Organizations and you. Free Vehicle that’s donated will be Reused and the donor removes in the IRS. That is the perfect strategy. You might attempt to get used and New Car Dealership in case you can not get a vehicle. Non-Governmental Organization and the Non-Profit Organization will supply the cars or New cars which are free for families.People Donated their automobiles to find a tax free deduction.ways to find free money from the authorities did not work for me but that I need a car, how can I get a free car today. ?

There are Other Alternative ways to to get a free cars Today I Will Explain you that part

No stress hold tight here’s the last solution and I hope this is gonna work for you. Read This attentively

Free cars By Request Letters & Mail :This really is the very best way to have a free automobile, without much effort, I’ll direct you now what you could do to receive a free automobile utilizing email method. The very first thing which you need to will be to prepare a list of wealthy individuals around you, Wealthy I mean to state who are fiscally powerful.

Those can manage or have older cars to donate. The next step to write a psychological appealing story to them by telling that why you want to get a free car, Why you would like a vehicle. And do not forget to add feelings. If they’re not melt along with your story your opportunity to get a free car will probably be difficult then, Also Mention in your email that how this free automobile worth for you, and the way this donated or free car will change your life. As soon as you get decent response you may ask them clearly that” Where do I get a free car” that can help you to get a free car easily. This Is How you can get a free car today

How to Get a Free Cars from the Auctions: How do I get a given car, if that your question read it. All Old Cars won’t be sold. The Auction Car garage includes automobiles that are interesting to get it. Ask them you want a vehicle that’s free. They’ll provide you that car at no cost.

Individuals remarked and send us send the Queries So we’ll pay those Questions, after Posting this article. Our Free Cars for Charity team. We strive our very best to get a car for Folks.

How to Get a Free Cars Near Me

If you are destitute and require a free car there are only two methods to get a free car, which are legit, the national government and state authorities run such sort of free grants applications, which are helping individuals in getting totally free cars.

Free cars from federal and state government Free cars Schedule
Free cars from charities and auto donation Apps.

Does Government Help buying a car

Federal government Free cars grants help to people that are seeking for ways to have a free automobiles from government. Either the receiver is getting free automobiles, or government has some programs too where receiver has to pay some money to lease a car

How can I Apply for Government Car Assistance?

Federal government’s charity program the best program to acquire a totally free government Car, We recommend you to participate in it. You simply need to submit the form for Free government Automobile Program & Grant Program. Government centralizes information from over 1,000 government grant & Free Cars programs to assist states and organizations find and apply for grants. You can Find link Button Up for Fill form.

Where can I get a Free Cars Near Me – Ways to get a Free car

Authorities has Various Online Portal and workplaces where a person or families can go and request information about free automobiles from government grants. is the official government website that is sharing quality information about all of the free grants and donations about the national and state government grants.

The Introduction to govt car program Was essentially to all those men and women who actually need car to prevent any problem in Transportation. Should you fall below any of this class you can go and apply for free car from government grant.

Government programs to obtain a vehicle is offering some credit using bank account. The government usually donate, used automobiles, if no given cars for long time authorities also have Government plans to obtain a car to destitute people.

How to get a free car from charity

People that are not fortunate enough to own a car from authorities, for them there is an assortment of charities which are offering help. Charities are nonprofit organizations which also get funds under Government grants for nonprofits. Charities like Goodwillcars,Ways for Work.Working Cars for Working people.grants to repair a car.already we have shared over the list of charities provides free cars.

This is the very best asked question in out list, many men and women who sent us asked the same question that Who can Apply for Free Car from Government Program? Here is the response for this,

Any person who has a valid driving permit from usa transport jurisdiction is qualified to apply at no cost, this is particularly for single mother, low income group, veterans, Victims of domestic violence, Needy Individual who want a free car, they can apply for free car Program.

There are many organizations that offer a variety of aid solutions. Application for a free car are found with non profit and charities organizations. There where will find a car that needs to be used for the purpose of employment, classes which run charity programs which are distinct. Some organizations will be able to offer a low interest auto loan at which the car can be bought by the client while some are going to give access to a credit counselor free counselling, or other providers.

How to Get a Free Car From the Government

They will take you to the car Dealer & there, after it according to the rules. Even you can get a Free Truck out of Government Too.

What is government free cars grant scam
The government doesnt ask for money, government grants are free and has no hidden cost, some instances authorities may ask some processing charges but they clearly mention in the application types. The significant source of government grants is tax payers income. So if some one ask for money or some other third Party you want to choose for free cars grants,It’s always suggest to check them GuideStar, Charity Watch and Charity Navigator.That can stop you to be a viticm of government grants scam

There are various organization, charity, non government organization who are working towards social welfare , you can request for free Truck from authorities under small company helping programs or you’ll be able to connect with charities that are running authorities free truck applications. The authorities consistently works for society welfare using its own free grants. Government additionally take all the possible action to assist small business units and entrepreneur, by offering free trucks to make their transport simple. The free automobiles from government program also is to assist people who actually need this.

Free cars from the government
Free Cars

In this post we’ve shared all probable ways which could enable you to acquire a free automobiles from government. Authorities free automobiles grants &, support is always to help people in society. Free government automobiles apps is among these grants that has helped many of the needy folks from society. To help you we have explained above how to receive a free car from government, if you read it carefully you can own your free car from government. You can also learn here How to get a car donated out of a dealership

Its not so tough to get a free car from government if know the ideal way and have knowledge of how to get a free car from government, government has different criteria and eligibility for different free grants as per their importance and you have to see that these eligibility standards to get a free car from government, would be to help the real needy men and women who need a vehicle. A number of the fake persons also apply claim free cars, and resell them to make money or abuse them in this instance the actual people who really need free cars from government, run out of free cars grants.

In case you have proper files with you, its not impossible that you get free cars from government, government has very strict documents check procedure to validate the real one who need a car, they cross check everything before offering you a car, that is why they have another department that’s taking care of all these components. They confirm your identity, your files and then they decide who is really eligible to get a free car from government.

To apply for free automobiles from authorities you have a method to follow, which begin with program, and end with a totally free cars. Not everyone is qualified and not every one known How to Get a Free Car from government.But what you need to do is Fill out the application form of how to get a free car from the government attentively, read all the instruction carefully before you fill out form and submit all of the files (which we’ve mention above), so that the authorities accept your grants for low income households to purchase a vehicle.

We want you all the best for your initial free cars from authorities We Hope, once you claim your free car, and hopefully you will get it. The car will help you in multiple ways, you can use it for private use or for financial purpose too like cabs, can contact offices, schools to drop people and children with your free automobile that you’ve got lately can build a powerful financial way too.

Donated Free Car From Goodwill

Goodwill auto auction are among who are searching for How to get a free auto from goodwill automobile donation.Are you interested in buying a given car or other things which were given to Goodwill.That old car you’ve got sitting in the driveway or carrying space in the garage does not have to be this eyesore — if you no longer need it, then give it to Goodwill Car Donations! But if you do not live close to the auction, you can still purchase a car that has been donated to Goodwill.

How to Get a Donated Car From Goodwill Car Auction.

If you are considering purchasing antiques, artwork and other collectables that were given to Goodwill, is a superb place to get started. From picking your car or truck as much as sending you a tax receipt in the mail, our staff manages every detail so that choosing to provide a car to charity is now a simple, easy process that’s simpler than ever before. Towing of your vehicle is free for you and the IRS lets you maintain a car donation tax deduction. Donating to Goodwill is the simplest way there is to do something good on your own community.when you give your old car, you essentially let’s provide critical job training, life skills, and employment prospects to countless thousands of destitute individuals. To Acquire a car from goodwill automobile auction you Want to see
Capital Auto Auction’s Website and subscribe to the Goodwill online auction.

Here are few of the goodwill agent offices where you are able to visit Directly.

Conclusion: Here we’ve shared all of the best possible ways to get free government automobiles through Federal government Grants,Free automobiles from national authorities database and free cars from donations and charities, we’ve shared all of the greatest possible resources you may utilize to won a free car from government.As we have warm answer for this particular post, everyday 100+ individuals are commenting personally or sending me personally to learn more about their questions about free cars.We have already discussed here I would make a record of queries which I have covered so much so if you’re new it is easy to understand what I have discussed previously in this article.

Tesla Cyber truck review

Tesla Cybertruck Design, Performance, Price

The Tesla Cybertruck seems like it was dropped off by an alien race, but it has the capabilities to challenge all of the top-selling pickup trucks. Having a sharp-edged exterior that is made from scratch- and – dent-resistant stainless steel, Tesla’s all-electric truck can be seriously demanding. Together with regular all-wheel drive, the Cybertruck can tow up to 14,000 pounds and contains an estimated driving array of 500-plus milesper hour While that applies just to the most expensive model, the lowest priced one begins at $39,900. Obviously, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the Cybertruck, for example when it will formally go on sale. At this time, it looks as if the very first versions will go into production in late 2021.

How’s the Tesla Cybertruck Design

With seriously impressive stats for both an EV along with a pickup, the Cybertruck gives the firm a theoretical expert in the hole given how nicely trucks market in this nation. Although Ford and General Motors say they will have electrified versions of their own over the next two years, the Tesla’s only other contest is that the Bollinger B2 and the Rivian R1T.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

Single Motor: $39,900
Dual Motor: $49,900
Tri Motor: $69,900

The Cybertruck is going to probably be available in three different configurations, which are all based on the number of electric motors each has. While every version has all-wheel drive, each additional motor means quicker acceleration, longer driving range, and greater towing capacity.The Cybertruck is available with not just one, not just two, but three electric motors. All models have standard all-wheel drive, but the entry version has a

Tesla cybertruck interior review
Tesla cybertruck interior review

single electric motor. Tesla claims it’ll go from zero to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and top out at 110 mph. The dual-motor Cybertruck will allegedly reach 60 mph in only 4.5 ticks and also have a top speed of 120 mph. People looking for the best performance will appreciate the three-motor model, which Tesla says will essentially teleport from zero to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds (!) With a top speed of 130 mph. All of Cybertrucks have an adjustable air suspension which can be raised or lowered on the fly and provides up to 16 inches of ground clearance. Add it to its 35-degree approach and 28-degree passing angles and also the Tesla pickup could prove to be a potent off-road system.

In the event the Cybertruck can really tow up to Tesla claims, it’s going to get a higher maximum score than popular options like the Ram 1500. While the single- and – dual-motor Teslas have a maximum tow rating of 7500 and 10,000 lbs, respectively, models with a third engine will have the ability to pull a whopping 14,000 pounds. Each Cybertruck can also haul 3500 pounds in its 6.5-foot freight bed.

Range, Charging, and Battery Life

Tesla didn’t reveal the size of the batteries that will power its electrified pickup. But, every model is going to have a 250-kW charging cable and two onboard sockets (110- and 220-volt), which allow the Cybertruck to charge itself. Its driving range varies with the amount of motors, however, Tesla claims the single motor has a range of 250-plus mph, the double motors boast 300-plus miles of range, and the top-tier tri-motor installation should supply more than 500 miles on a single charge.

Cybertruck Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

Since the EPA hasn’t released any official evaluations for its Cybertruck, we could simply go off Tesla’s preliminary estimates. Likewise, we will also have to wait till we get our hands on a true production version to test its ambitious highest driving range from the real world.

Those who believed the Tesla Model 3 interior was glossy will relive that reaction when they see the Cybertruck’s spartan cottage. As many standard features and options haven’t been disclosed, the initial images show a slab-like dashboard that is solely dominated by a single large touchscreen. Its squared-off steering wheel looks to have some sort of illuminated display, but nothing has been confirmed. The Cybertruck are also able to seat up to six individuals, and its 6.4-foot cargo mattress offers 100 cubic feet of volume. It also has a nifty slide-out tailgate that doubles as a ramp to load four-wheelers and motorcycles.

Tesla Cybertruck Interior

Tesla Cybertruck Infotainment and Connectivity

Just like the majority of the interior, certain details concerning the Cybertruck’s infotainment system are mostly a mystery. However, we do understand every model is going to have large 17-inch touchscreen that’s horizontally mounted at the center of the dashboard.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

However, every model will feature Tesla’s contentious self-driving Autopilot feature, and the company says it’s going to offer a Full Self-Driving option for $7000. We also expect other driver-assistance technology to be available.

Guarantee and Maintenance Coverage
Tesla provides a comprehensive warranty on its existing models, but it doesn’t include any complimentary maintenance.

Hyundai venue review

Hyundai Venue Diesel Review

Now, we’ve already pushed the Venue earlier and you can check out our first-drive review over here. As a commodity, the Venue is already proving to be hugely popular and raking in large sales numbers.Hyundai had a recipe for a handsome urban SUV that was the Creta and together with the Venue, they all needed to do would be scale it down. Being a boxy design means that it is not too showy, but when it comes to the Venue, the flash is in the information. Elements such as the dark chrome end for the grille, the low-set bumper-mounted headlamps and the rectangular DRLs stand out.

Hyundai Venue Positive Parts

The top-spec SX trim additionally gets 16-inch metals, proper roof railings and projector fog lamps. Our favorite design facet, nevertheless, are the LED tail lamps using something known as the lenticular lenses which look truly distinctive when they are lit.

Hyundai venue Positive Parts
Hyundai venue review

2. Effortless Performance

Powering the Venue is the same engine that also powers the i20 albeit in a different state of tune. But, how will it perform in a bigger SUV body? Now, although the Venue might be a bigger car, it still weighs nearly exactly like the i20 and as a result the 90bhp and 220Nm of torque available on tap are more than adequate to the Venue. While the performance is not volatile like the 1.0-litre GDi petrol unit, it is a tasteful, no-fuss unit which will always deliver decent fuel-efficiency and adequate performance.

3. Equipment, lots of it

At the time of its unveiling, the Venue was touted as the ultimate connected car, offering lots of technology and features and it does remain true to that label as it loaded to the gills with features. For starters, you get the superb eight-inch infotainment system, sunroof, air conditioner, wireless phone charger, cruise control, rear AC vents along with a motorist rearview monitor.

4. Refinement

Refinement is an important factor when it comes to making long journeys a tiring affair as well as the Venue scores fairly great here. Hyundai has done an superb job at the NVH. The motor itself is amazingly silent at idle and it’s the same as cruising at triple-digit speeds. Even at 120kmph, the rev-counter hovers round the 3000rpm mark, chugging along easily. This makes the Venue an ideal long-distance hauler.

5. Infotainment system

Among the highlights of the Venue’s insides is your infotainment system. The eight-inch screen with HD-display boasts of crisp colours and an excellent touch sensitivity. It gets all the connectivity attributes like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth. You also get a video playing style together with a host of other characteristics.

Hyundai Venue Negatives

All these years, we have seen Hyundai offering more of a comfort-oriented ride than a stiff and sporty one. Nevertheless, it’s not the same with the Venue. It handles little potholes and road undulations quietly at reduced speeds. The ride is flat enough for the most part however, the moment you go quicker, you do detect a few vertical movement and the back will bounce over large undulations rather than consuming them.

2. Perhaps not the most spacious five-seater

It may be compact but it’s still an SUV, therefore seats five passengers should be a cozy affair, right? Wrong. It’s here that the Venue suffers a little. Compared to its competitors, the Venue is tight on space when you’ve got three passengers seated in the back. It is cosier than one would expect in a compact SUV. Also, taller passengers may find their knees brushing against the front seats.

Hyundai has hit the spot with the Venue which can be observed with the huge number of reservations and waiting period to the Venue. Discussing especially about the diesel version, it provides everything you can ask for. It’s comfortable in the city and the highways, provides lots of kit, and is good to drive also. Barring the tiny chinks in its armour, the Venue petrol makes a very strong case for itself.

Hyundai Grand i10 nios

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios: First drive review

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios evaluation: Hyundai has significantly upgraded the Grand i10 to have the best seller in the section and it has not only added features and design but also altered the measurements of the car to provide more in-cabin space. We drive the car around Udaipur to discover more about it.

The Grand i10 Nios has been established only under six years following the launch of its predecessor that will continue to be sold in the Indian market, albeit only in the lower trims and largely to cater to the more price-conscious buyer. For those seeking to buy a modern car loaded with appearances, equipment, and features, the Nios would be the offering.

Grand i10 Nios Design Review

The Nios is longer and wider than the Grand i10 and the wheelbase is also more by 25mm and is currently equal to the Maruti-Suzuki Swift, the car that Hyundai would like to shoot head-on with the Nios. The bigger dimensions have helped Hyundai give the Nios i20 kind of styling – a broad stance and a lively side-profile using the big high-gloss black grille as well as the boomerang LED DRLs together with the projector headlamps incorporating a contemporary and premium appearance. Overall it’s a nice-looking modern hatch that seems poised with a stable and wide stance.

Hyundai Grand i10 nios design
Grand i10 nios Performance Review

The exteriors could be contemporary but the insides are futuristic, with all the IP extending to include the infotainment touchscreen, similar to in all the premium cars of today. Besides, with the added space as a result of the increase in dimension and a few clever interior designs, the Nios does look more spacious compared to the Grand i10 without undermining the 260-liter boot area, which is also slightly bigger than its predecessor. The rear seat squab has been kept horizontal and is bolstered just on the sides to make it much easier for three people to sit on.

Besides, Arkamys audio system provides four sound adventures and you can command the infotainment system by voice, from the touchscreen, by the buttons on the steering wheel and also through the iBlue sound remote in your smartphone! The instrument panel is also all-new with a large analog tachometer and a 5.3in screen which comes with an electronic speedometer and a multi-information display with a trip meter, average fuel consumption readout, distance to empty, average vehicle speed and other drive-related parameters like a gear shift indicator.

The equipment also has wireless charging for a smartphone, a USB port and a charger, rearview camera that can also be switched on to get a view of the rear, in addition to keyless entry with push-button start.

While petrol is already BS6 compliant, the diesel is BS6 ready. Both the motors include a choice of either a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed automated manual gearbox. The motors are carried forward in the Grand i10 and have the identical max power and peak torque figures as before using the petrol churning out 83bhp maximum power and 114Nm of peak torque while the petrol also has the sooner 75bhp of maximum power and 190Nm of torque. The only figures that seem to have shifted from before would be the fuel efficiency figures. The maintained and ARAI accredited fuel efficiency has gone up by 1.25kmpl but the most dramatic increase was on the automobile gas that previously has been the 4-speed torque convertor and is now a 5-speed AMT. Hence fuel efficiency for your automated gas car has gone up by over 3kmpl.

Grand i10 Engine Performance Review

We’ve been driving the petrol engine Nios using the 5-speed manual gearbox and now I must state that nothing has greatly changed so far as driveability goes. This petrol engine is one of the best in its class and is super smooth and very pliable and as per Hyundai, the ARAI certified mileage figures are also up, to 20.7kmpl for the manual and 20.5kmpl for the AMT.

Grand i10 nios Engine Performance
Hyundai Grand i10 nios Engine Performance

The steering feel has also enhanced and also the ride quality today is of a large car and also has a European feel to it, being on the firm side, which is great for higher speeds on bad roads, together with all the suspension not crashing on potholes and bad surfaces but riding and absorbing on them without losing poise. What makes it a much better handling car is this firmness in the ride as well as much-improved steering turning the Nios into a point and take car much like a sports car just the engine is not of the sporty level. The Nios now meets the crash test norms that will come into position later this season and is intended to give protection to the bottoms of a pedestrian too at a crash. This was a requirement of the new crash test norms which will apply to all cars, whether new or already on sale from next year.

While Hyundai has updated the automobile on most fronts, it has also for the first time given an alternative to the buyer of deciding upon the guarantee to suit his driving. If the car has been used a lot then it makes sense to opt for the three-year unlimited mileage choice but when the vehicle is not being pushed too much, then there is a four year and last-minute guarantee option to pick from also at no excess price. With four years that the mileage is limited to 50,000km and with five years into 40,000km. This is a superb alternative for people in smaller cities who do not clock too much mileage because the towns are modest and the cars get pushed just on special occasions. Overall the new guarantee policy is a good move.

When it’s the layout, in-cabin fuel or space efficiency, the gear or characteristics, and the possession experience as well – Hyundai has updated them all. All this, but comes at a price but to take on the leader in the segment, Hyundai has kept the price and VFM quotient of the car very appealing. The largest step is that the Nios is an excellent car to drive as well and Hyundai might be outfitting it with a turbo gas engine not overly much in the future.