Tips To Protect The Paint Of Your Car

8 Tips To Protect The Paint Of Your Car

Obtaining a new paint job can be very expensive and also reduces the value of your car. A mill paint job is obviously appreciated. With certain tips you can ensure that the paint of your car stays as good as new even after years of possession, while you enjoy possessing the car everyone admires.

How to Protect Paint Of Car?

1. Use A Car Cover

It is the most simplistic thing you can begin with to protect the paint of your car. If you park in an open area or have to park on the street, it is better to do so with the car cover. You automobile and its paint will be protected from alien components set out to ruin your vehicle’s finish. Even when you are parking a garage but aren’t using the automobile for a long duration, it is ideal to put the car cover on, so that dust doesn’t settle on the car, which adversely affect the car’s paint.

2. Wash It Thoroughly

It is important that you clean your car completely on a weekly basis. Whether there are bird droppings on the vehicle, be certain to clean them instantly with water. Do not use household detergents to wash your vehicle. They can be acidic in character and will do more harm to the paint. Refer to our guide on how to clean your car like a professional.

3. Don’t Affect Drying

A major portion that people choose to prevent is drying the car using the appropriate technique. A good deal of people assume that the car will dry naturally, however, that’s exactly where you harm the paint most. Not massaging the car will leave water stains that will leave your hard work a waste.

4. Clean With A Clay Bar

Using a clay bar, you get rid of the hidden contaminants that are stuck at the paint of your car. Clay bars are most effective in eliminating the smallest of those dust particles that may not be visible to the naked eye. Usage of a clay bar on the paint of the vehicle needs to be followed closely by a wax polish to sustain the cleanliness.

5.Wax Your Car

Bear in mind that a fantastic wax will easily endure 8 — 10 weeks onto a car that can protect the paint of the car from outside components like dust, scratches, contaminants, and UV rays. To be on a safer side, use a coating of wax every six weeks on your car to keep it clean and smooth. Applying wax also offers additional benefits like marginal increase in fuel efficiency because of less drag. Consult with our guide about how to apply wax on your vehicle.

6. Paint Protection Film

A brand new introduction in protecting your paint; a paint protection film is a transparent film that is put on the body of your car. Much like those applies on glass areas, the film may protect the paint of your vehicle from any outside elements such as heating, UV rays, dust, grime, tar, stones flying from the road and so forth. Albeit a little expensive, the movie will last for all most 5 years, which is the life of most automobiles. You can also have the film applied only on specific areas like front and back bumpers.

7. Clear Coat Protector

Most new cars come with a clear coat over the paint layer to maintain the car shiny and shielded from external elements. The clear coat provides a more glossy finish to the car, and will keep harmful elements like UV rays and dust to protect the paint of the car. Any minor problems can also be buffed out, if the car has a very clear coat. However, clear coatings are sensitive to dents and are vulnerable to oxidation. It’s still not a substitute for wax and requires to have a wax job to protect the glow of the car.

8. Vinyl Wraps

Not only do they offer a new color for your auto in different shades and finish at half of the price of a paint job, they also protect the initial paint of the automobile. Vinyl wraps work as a shield for your original paint and won’t let it go dull. Vinyl wraps are also thick enough to sustain minor scratches and injuries on the vehicle. Removing one is equally easy and the adhesive residue doesn’t damage the vehicle at all. So even after a year, your paint job will still appear new on the car.

In the end, the choice is yours on the way to protect the paint of your vehicle. While tips like using a car cover and washing are mandatory, the rest may be used as per your convenience and choice.

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