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Renault Triber First Drive Reviews

Renault triber Review

The 7-seater fad seemed to have finished before it started with most producers switching attention to SUVs several decades back. But the continued success of the Toyota Innova, Maruti-Suzuki Ertiga and the Mahindra Marazzo of late appeared to have got back the attention to MPVs. In reality, it was the Alliance that got into the action with what seemed like a master-stroke, a sub-4m 7-seater in the form of a Datsun. However, the Go+ didn’t take-off, and besides the 7-somewhat seats offered little else when it was first launched. We Indians do not like cars that don’t add to our standing.

Renault Triber Performance Reviews

Renault has taken a second plunge into this area after initially launch the not-so-successful Lodgy and finally, we have a brand new car from Renault. The differences, but far outnumber the similarities between both sub-4m cousins from the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The Tribe is developed on a completely revised CMF-A platform that underpins the Kwid in addition to the Redi-Go but has a wheelbase that is over 200mm longer than that of their small car from Renault.

Renault triber review

Renault triber review

It’s a fairly nice looking vehicle, with its design adding to its looks. Clever design and proportions using the longest wheelbase in the sub-4m section give it an appearance that belies its actual size. On first seems, nobody believes that it measures less than some of the additional sub-4m automobiles. The projector headlamps and the eagle beaked tail-lamps add to the appearances while providing the car a superior feel and better visibility while driving it. Its height as well as its long, stepped roof-line together with the roof-rails provide its existence on the road and it surely can not be dismissed as merely another little vehicle.

The insides seem functional and utilitarian but at the same time that the cabin is roomy and there are a lot of thoughtful features as well. The instrument panel is digital with a unique though somewhat neater tachometer, an electronic read-out for its speed, along with a multi-information display with all of the information on fuel efficiency along with various information on excursions and space to empty as well. The infotainment system is controlled via an 8in touchscreen using both Apple CarPlay & Android Auto and it doesn’t have navigation is not a loss as one can always hook up the phone.

There is a knob on both sides of the storage space and that’s to control the fan levels of these vents around the B-pillars for the 2nd row and additional vents on the roof to the next row with each of those vents also being able to control the airflow from the 2nd of this twin-air conditioning system that the Triber is outfitted with. Ingress and egress are made simple with wider openings to the rear doors and the 2nd row of seats is not just adjustable for recline but may be slid forward or backward too.

The best part though is the third row of seats that contains two single chairs, each of which can come in a bag of its own if a person selects and simply clipped on to fool the car into 7-seater. So the Triber may be utilized as a 5-seater with excellent comfort for the rear seat passengers and plenty of luggage space if necessary, then in a matter of seconds and with minimal exertion, turned into a six or even a seven-seater.

For convenience, there is a rearview camera and easy card access key, with further in-built utility as the car locks itself as one moves away in the vehicle and unlocks itself when one is in the near vicinity of the automobile. For people who do not desire this attribute can be de-activated too – that the power is in the hands of the consumer for a change. Luggage carrying capability like the people-carrying capability of this Triber is also quite flexible with 84 liters of space available in a 7-seater configuration, 320 liters available when it is turned into a 6-seater and 625 liters when it’s employed as a 5-seater. If one contrasts with other sub-4m cars, the Triber offers as much space with 6-people on board since the majority of the others do with 5 people on board. And it’s perhaps for the very first time that an entry-level 7-seater comes with 4-airbags and also meets all of the current and proposed security norms.

The Tribe comes with just 1 3-cylinder, 1-liter gasoline engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox but will include a 5-speed AMT in the long run.

It is decent as a town runabout, using low-end torque making pottering around the city quite simple but if a person needs to indulge in almost any spirited driving one has to work the gearbox. In any case, the engine also guts gruff in the next half of its rev range. The ride quality is exceptional, something the Triber shares with its larger stable-mate, the Duster and also the revised chassis also feels taut and stiff aiding in total driving dynamics.


The Triber is a remarkable vehicle and more so since it offers great versatility. Not that we are not used to seeing such flexibility, only that we’ve never seen it at this price level – that of a low sub-4m hatchback. When we examine it as a five-seater, it gives exceptional in-cabin space, as well as rear-seat comfort due to a reclining and sliding back seat. It may be utilized as a 7-seater and it has best-in-class luggage space, no matter what the configuration. The engine is great enough for pottering around town though it feels rough towards the top end and one needs to work the gearbox a lot to indulge in any lively driving.

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