Target In-Store Beacons: Location News Round up – 8/11

By Austin Cappa  |  August 11, 2015

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Mapsense CEO: The Rise of On-demand, Location-based Apps Is a ‘Huge’ Opportunity (Street Fight)

The reliance on mapping software is on the rise within many technology firms. Mapsense CEO, Erez Cohn, discusses the increasing competition in the geolocation space.

Harnessing the power of location-based social media marketing:  An interview with Ground Signal CEO Tony Longo (Directions Magazine)

Ubiquitous smart devices have created a shift in company marketing strategy. Marketing officers now use location-based social media to track what consumers are talking about, where, and when… all in real-time. Ground Signal CEO, Tony Longo, discusses how companies, now more than ever, are using location-based technology to target consumers.

Why Target is betting on in-store beacon technology (Digiday)

Target recently announced a move into beacon technology and push notifications, starting in 50 stores. Target joins retail giants – like Simon’s Mall, Macy’s, and Lord & Taylor – to bring the intelligence of online shopping into the physical world.

Location Tracking Is The New Attribution Engine (MediaPost)

Advancements in mobile technology has allowed marketers to conceive and measure ideas in a novel way. Using location tracking, advertisers can profile individual consumer activity to model an effective marketing campaign like never before.

Only 16 percent of Americans take advantage of location-based mobile services (Inman)

A recent study suggests that a majority of smartphone users do not take daily advantage of their location-based service (LBS) ability.


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