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Tata Nexon Facelift Review & First Drive

Tata nexon review

Tata Nexon Overview 2020 Tata Nexon facelift has been spotted testing in India. Although heavily camouflaged, based on the exposed regions, the updated Tata Nexon appears to have gone through a substantial makeover with fresh, sharper styling cues, along with a revised front part. The facelifted Tata Nexon subcompact SUV is expected to be released next year, possibly after the initiation of the fully-electric Nexon EV, that is supposed to be launched in ancient 2020.

The facelifted Tata Nexon appears to have been motivated by the Harrier, especially the front styling, based on the sleeker grille, however, here the headlamps are positioned in their conventional spot and get fresh sharper LED daytime running lights. Nevertheless, the bigger change here is your new front bumper which currently gets a brand new airdam with mesh grille, and a set of new foglamps in fresh black casing and C-shaped layout components.

Tata Nexon Design Review

The profile of this test mule is quite similar to the existing Tata Nexon, including the same 5-spoke metal wheels and sloping roofline. Similarly, the rear section of the car also remains identical to the pre-facelift Nexon comprising the same taillamps, albeit with a revised bunch, and possibly a new back bumper too. We do not get to see the cottage in these images, however, the car is likely to come with a new interior with different new and updated features.

tata nexon design

tata nexon design

Powertrain wise that the 2020 Tata Nexon Facelift will come with a BS6 compliant petrol engine. It’s very likely to be predicated on the existing 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbocharged motor, which now makes 108 bhp and 170 Nm of peak torque, and the electricity figures are also expected to stay similar. Check for Tata Nexon price in Hyderabad in Tryaldrive.

Striking! Especially in these bright colors or red or blue — that is the very first thing comes to mind when you set your eyes to the new Nexon. Additionally, there are hints (powerful and subtle) of Tata Motors layout language which carries over from different cars such as the Tiago and the Bolt. The headlights for example still swoop in a very uniquely Tata manner and they come with LED daytime running lights and projectors. The grille, painted in gloss black, harks back to the likes of this Safari Storme with its bold and in-your-face design. Thankfully, Tata has done the wise thing and not awarded the Nexon a great deal of that tacky chrome apart from a slender accent piece beneath the grille. Instead, what you do buy, particularly on the XZ+ version, are satin white plastic inserts that are tactfully placed around the vehicle.

The side profile is what will set the Nexon apart — in an almost signature manner. The satin white folds continue to form an extremely strong shoulder line and the roofline swoops down in virtually a coupe SUV kind of way! Tata has also distinctively given the roofing a dark metallic grey colour option instead of only the standard black or white that other producers have chosen. The wheel arches are generally muscular and the 16-inch wheels are finished in a diamond cut and black two tone design. The design of the wheels however may have surely been nicer and more modern.

Around the rear Nexon has a very distinct rake, making it seem to be taller than it is. The satin white styling continues around the back too with what Tata requires the X-factor design element. Just as with the front face, there’s absolutely no ungainly chrome either but instead a bold gloss black accent bit. The back tail lamps are high and receive a different LED lighting pattern to get your parking lights but the brake lights, indicators and inverse light still uses conventional bulbs. The rear bumper has a rather cool 3D design that reproduces the front grille and generally speaking, has a great sense of robustness to it.

Tata Nexon Comfort

Proceed to the interior and the new look with the daring dashboard and the freestanding front screen is refreshing. The 6.5-inch display itself is high definition and quite crisp with a brand-new user interface. Even the infotainment unit also gets android automobile and apple car play, something which is due to a vehicle in this price range. You also get the brilliant 8 speakers Harman music set up, which deserves a particular mention. The dashboard itself is two-tone using a black upper beige and half lower half with a large central vinyl slab in the middle. This slab has been painted in an almost liquid metal shade which also carries on into the steering wheel and the door panels tying the layout well. The console which surrounds the sound and the climate control knobs are all finished in gloss black.To understand more details on Tata Nexon check Pdagreen.

The instrument gauge is clear and easy to read and so would be the buttons. Ergonomically too, with the new central hand remainder, the Nexon is a comfortable place to be in. You also receive a great deal of storage space in the console, which has a retractable slide kind cover for the storage space, but there are no cupholders! Shocking! There’s however a little storage slot for wet umbrellas within the door panels using a water station to drain out any water that might seep into the doors. The doorway cards also have adequate storage for a huge jar of water. The glovebox is cooled and also gets a tray to store your iPad on. The tray is removable and can also double up as a little table to eat food on — but we wouldn’t suggest eating inside the car anyways.

Sadly however, there is no leather interior alternative, even at the top of the line variation. The rear bench seat is also marginally sculpted out and feels like two constructed in bucket chairs. You receive a pair of individually adjustable rear AC vents along with a flip down central console too along with a get a top mounted 12-volt charging interface to add to the ease from the rear seat. Getting in and out of their back though is somewhat more difficult due to the sloping roofline but surprisingly; there is still a substantial quantity of headroom and legroom.

The Nexon isn’t just a brand-new body and a brand-new interior. The equally big news are the brand new engines. So lets begin with the favorite diesel. The Tata Nexon petrol is a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged unit that makes a commendable 108 bhp and a much more respectable 260 Nm of peak torque! And all of the power on paper contrasts nicely to power on the tarmac. The engine pulls nicely in virtually all gears and there’s very minimal turbo lag. The 260 Nm of torque is very apparent and even in fourth gear at just 1500 rpm, you’ve got sufficient poke to get moving quickly. The diesel engine can be much more refined in terms of noise levels but there is that tad bit of vibration that will filter through, particularly in full throttle conditions.

Butoverall, a large leap ahead concerning refinement. Its not only the diesel engine that’s new, but also the gas. Basically, the Nexon gets the same 3-cylinder 1.2-litre engine which you get from the Tigor and also the Tiago but with an added turbocharger. And boy does it get a move on! Get it at the power range and let the turbo spool up and the Nexon rapidly gets to triple digit rates (and higher) without breaking a sweat. That said, the turbo does get together its own share of turbo lag and under 1500 rpm there’s just no usable electricity which could be a bit of a problem while driving in an urban atmosphere.

The gearboxes for both automobiles are also brand-new. Tata has dropped the elderly 5-speeds and opted for a new 6-speed instead and it’s considerably better than the older one. Change action is sharp and the slight vagueness of the elderly gearboxes have nearly vanished. The clutch is light also but what the Nexon wants is an AMT or traditional automatic gearbox. Though not available immediately, we expect Tata to deliver in an auto alternative maybe sometime next year.

The performance of Tata Nexon petrol is a bit sluggish for its highways, but it also performs decently on the thick and narrow city roads. As for the diesel, it’s way better than its gas counterpart as it performs pretty great with super power and torque delivery. The elegant NVH levels further accentuate the driving pleasure.

Tata Nexon Safety
The high-end versions also boast of Park Assist with Camera, Front fog lamps with cornering assistance, back fog lamps and rate dependent auto door locks features.

Tata Nexon On Road Price is 7,63,798/- and – Ex-showroom Price is 6,48,093/- in Hyderabad. Tata Nexon includes FWD using 1198 CC Displacement and 3 Cylinders with Maximum Power 108 bhp@5000 rpm and Peak Torque 170 Nm@1750-4000 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A. Tata Nexon includes Manual Transmission with FWD.

The Nexon subcompact SUV is a make it or break it product for Tata Motors. Going up from the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza that sells well over 10,000 units a month along with also the Ford Ecosport, both blockbusters in their own right isn’t an easy task. Nevertheless, Tata Motors has gone above and beyond to make sure it leaves a feeling that the first time you see it, the very first time you get inside and the first time you push it. Yes, there are still several rough edges in terms of the quality on the interior trimming, but complete, the Nexon might be the new gold standard with this extremely popular subcompact segment.

With a starting price of Rs. 5.85 Lakhs & Rs. 6.85 Lakhs in petrol and diesel, respectively, the Nexon is the most economical offering at the sub 4-meter SUV section. It undercuts the competitions such as Maruti Vitara Brezza and Ford EcoSport by a huge margin, while offering a lot more bells and whistles than both combined. It is an out and out winner, and the foes would believe that tremble soon!

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