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By Austin Cappa  |  July 20, 2015

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Google Takes on Apple With Smartphone Location Tracking Tools (Bloomberg)

In an effort to compete with Apple’s location technology Google introduced a new format called Eddystone that lets beacons provide specific locations and other information within application.

Bringing Location-Based Learning to Life (Campus Technology)

Students and faculty at the University of San Diego have developed a platform that uses location-based technology to connect classroom concepts with real-discoveries.

TCS Buys Loctronix Location-Based Technology (GPS World)

TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) secures intellectual property from Loctronix to improve their location-based technology. The acquisition will enable TCS to further develop their indoor-location tech.

As tech firms track your location, advertisers zero in for the sale (Reuters)

Major retailers increase their mobile advertising budget in response to improved location technology by both Google and Facebook

Two mobile marketing firms team up to tackle location-based targeting (Marketing Dive)

Location-based marking company, Plot Projects, partners with mobile marketing automation company, Swrve, to offer a more well-rounded marketing strategy for tech marketers

Google unveils ‘buy’ button, host of new shopping features (Yahoo Tech)

Following advancements in their location-based technology, Google’s ‘buy’ button lets consumers purchase items directly from mobile search ads.



Austin Cappa writes about geolocation apps, location aware technologies, and Apple’s CLLocationManager and Android’s LocationManager.


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