This Week In Location Tech (7/27)

By Austin Cappa  |  July 27, 2015

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The Impact of Wearable Tech and Customer Intelligence (Business 2 Community)

As a generation shifts towards wearable technology, retailers look to take advantage of consumer’s location

UberMedia Announces Location Visit Optimization – Real-Time, Location-Based Technology for Advertisers (MobileMarketingWatch)

Independent mobile advertising platform, UberMedia, launches “game-changing” Location Visit Optimization technology that allows advertisers to track and adjust campaigns in real-time

View Technologies Announces Team Bringing Real-Time, Location-Based RFID Services to Market (MarketWatch)

View Technology announces technology that uses location-based technology to transform the physical world into real-time data visibly

New Wi-Fi technology will make phones ‘aware of their surroundings (Fortune)

Advancements in wifi technology will soon allow smartphones to not only communicate with networks but also with other wifi enabled devices. Social gaming applications are the first to take advantage

Analysis of the US Hospital Real-time Location Systems Market 2015 (PR Newswire)

The medical sector is taking preliminary steps toward location analytics to track and support operations, care, and cost optimization

Swrve and Plot Projects partner to offer advanced location-based targeting service (The Drum)

Mobile marketing specialists, Swrve, partner with location technologists at Plot Projects, to provide geofencing and beacon technologies to mobile marketing. The partnership will allow marketers to design real-time location in-app experiences and push notification campaigns



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