This Week In Location Tech (8/3)

By Austin Cappa  |  August 3, 2015

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mapLighting a Beacon (The Economist)

Aviation technology firm, SITA, reports that 44% of airlines plan to install beacon technology in airports over the next three years. Close-range location tech in airports will enable airlines to provide passengers with direction to nearby lounges and/or targeted duty-free offers.

Globalstar location-tracking network vulnerable to hacking: researcher (Reuters)

U.S. security researchers raise concerns that location tracking devices communicating with satellites operated by Globalstar Inc. can have their transmission intercepted with false data.

New app tailors news content based on your location (New York Post)

Tech startup, Blockfeed, launches app that provides New Yorkers with with news articles based on their geographical location.

Geofeedia Brings Location Based Social Media Monitoring To Sports (Sport Techie)

Location-based social media monitoring platform, presented by Geofeedia, allows for organizations like the NCAA to draw a virtual perimeter to gauge the conversations people are having about the event.

Nokia reaches deal to sell mapping business to automakers (Info World)

Nokia sells location mapping software to major automotive firm, consisting of Audi, BMW group, and Daimler. The deal will enable automakers to introduce progressive internet-based services and automation to assist drivers.


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